It’s impressive that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from our discussion made at this time. Dressing up in large latex bib pants, the Family men give each other wedgies, followed by a runway show, before everyone head into the river to catch mullets with large nets. Junjin and Sooro are the aces during this race through water game, with teammates acting as obstacles for the opposing competitor, leading to much foul play from moving-road-block Yejin and upright-wall Sooro. Lee Chun-hee showed up “the next day” for the second episode. I will likely be coming back to your weblog for extra soon. Highlights include Jongshin revealing his rejection stories, Jaesuk’s “ladies man” phase, Junsu’s difficulty with math, and Dumb and Dumber discovering how similar their IQs are. Visiting an ostrich farm in Chungcheong-do revealed the rhetoric personalities of the “Park Siblings”, creating instant rivalry and discovering clashing personalities. In the morning, the wake-up mission calls for the members to jump over a rolling hula hoop.

Articles with Korean-language external links CS1 uses Korean-language script ko CS1 Korean-language sources ko All articles with links needing disambiguation Articles with links needing disambiguation from February Anonymous June 5, at 7: Unfortunately though, the waves are terrible that day and Jaesuk, Hyori, and Sooro get seasick and are left on the boat while the rest of the family works. Gamsan Village, Jeju Island. Back at home, Jongkook and Yejin are teased for wearing matching pink clothes, enduring ‘newlywed’ jokes from Daesung, with which Jongkook counters with threats of violence. Rather than the usual assigned breakfast duties, the Family set off on a boat ride to go abalone fishing, featuring scuba diving stories from Chunhee and songs from Sungrok, G-dragon and Jaesuk. To determine sleep order rankings, the Family act out a piggyback date scene from Jungmin’s drama, featuring complaints of the men who must carry and endure Hyori’s body weight and a Konglish fight between Jaesuk and Hyori.

Visiting an ostrich farm in Chungcheong-do revealed the rhetoric personalities of the “Park Siblings”, creating instant rivalry and discovering clashing personalities.

Highlights include Hyori and Jaesuk requesting the return of each other’s clothing. During stew preparations, Taehyun calls his wife for assistance, only to find their recipe is grossly mistakened, but eventually conjure up a servicable breakfast menu.


At bedtime, the Family play a prank on Sooro by pretending that Daesung would be leaving the show with this being his last outihg. After the jumping game, the Family play a quick game of “Catch the Tail” at the muddy shores before heading to the roof of a local building to entertain the local residents seaso jokes, songs, and celebrity imitations over the town loudspeakers. Taking on their first assigned task, the Family board a boat to go octopus fishing, cooking ramen during the ride.

Seungwon and Hyori proceed to compete to cook the tastiest dishes, fighting for ingredients and utensils while ordering Jongkook about.

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Lee Chun-hee[nb 1] [4] Kim Dong-wan Shinhwa. Highlights include Yejin jealously requesting no future female guests are invited, Hyori hoping the men treat her more as a feminine ‘baby’, and Jongshin wanting to be in more CFs like Chunhee. For sleep order rankings, the Family members reenact a scene from ” My Sassy Girl “, with highlights including Jongkook’s awkwardness towards Hyori, Sooro protecting Hyori’s feelings, Chunhee pointing out Hyori’s short temper and morning bloatedness, and Taehyun revealing the director’s PD fondness for Hyori.

Returning to land, Sooro arrives and the Family enjoy a “capture the flag” game, fighting in the snow; much foul play ensues, largely aimed at Jaesuk. Understanding the main reasons concerning the auto insurance termination can help owners prevent losing one of the most crucial privileges available.

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Ultimately, the entire Family benefit from the cooking contest as it results in the most delicious breakfast in memory. Jo Han-sunKim Sung-soo.

Yongdok Gweshi Village, North Gyeongsang. While the turkey cooks, Hyuk is teased for his attempts at humor, with Hyori mischievously spreading mud on the faces of Jongkook and Hyuk. Finally, the Family stack the hay, plant the seeds, clean up ue house, and welcome back the homeowners. While in the forest, Sooro choreographs some dance numbers and an action scene, with Joon-gi playing assassin to Chunhee the prince.

Have a look at my web-site – seohyun yonghwa we got married last episode eng sezson. After eating, the Family compose and recite poetry based on the theme of Family, ranging from heartfelt to vengeful, before painting art ufe calligraphy on a bare wall.


With the Family re-gathering for dinner, Jungmin assists with soup sewson by tossing in carelessly chopped vegetables and half-eaten garlic. I’m satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with us. The final assignment calls for the Family to harvest seagrass, which is followed by a race game on elevated planks in shallow waters.

The episode ends with the homeowners being welcomed home. Newer Post Older Post Home. Following, the Family enjoy the last game of the day: Hangae Village, SeongjuNorth Gyeongsang. Cooking highlights include Chunhee playing rock-paper-scissors with Hyori to gently slap each other with spatulas.

Highlights include Hyori threatening to withhold Jongkook’s wages if he dares to take a break and Hyori caning the three men when their attempts at humor are deemed not funny. I will likely be coming again to your blog for more soon.

After dinner, the Family face off in one-on-one boasting battles, faamily preposterous exchanges take place between Rain and Chunhee, Jaesuk and Jongshin, Hyori and Yejin, Jongkook and Daesung, and Dng and Chunhee, including ridiculously topics such as television-watching ability, fame resulting from associating with Kang Ho-dongcrying to songs when drunk, and frequent flyer seaspn.

Anonymous June 5, at 6: Here the concept of “Dumb and Dumber” is introduced as the pairing encounters difficulty determining the appropriate amount of water for cooking ramyun. Episodes comprises a special New Year’s edition three-episode arc with guest Jang Hyuk, with episode 28 featuring previously unaired scenes as “X-Files”.

I had been tiny bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright clear concept Here is my web-site jackpot Jackpot The day of formal filming follows with the Family gathering at a farm village, where everyone sets off for a local river to fish and play their first game.