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The Snow Queen K-Drama. As Anna is walking out through the lobby, she runs into Jae Hyuk. Hello, God K-Drama But off I go to watch the finale. Likable or Not K-Drama. Why is she unsure?

She was thrilled, but not quite as thrilled as the day she modeled for him in the bar.

[Drama Recap] Fashion King Episode 19 | K-POP! rage

He then receives a call from the foreign clients from before and agrees to meet up for drinks. An-na has been pushing for a lot of advertising and trying to expand the company rather than rake in a huge profit.


The Empress K-Drama Complete. Lee Hye Sook Supporting Cast. Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors K-Drama. White Tower K-Drama The King of Dramas K-Drama Flowers for My Life K-Drama Ja Myung Go K-Drama The past is the past.

His assistant has to explain everything to him.

Fashion King: Episode 19 Recap

Wetlands Ecology Report K-Drama. Bachelor’s Vegetable Store K-Drama Live in Style K-Drama Complete.

Which Star Are You From? You’re Amusing K-Drama. Why would Jae-hyuk embarrass her?

Bittersweet Life K-Drama. Please Marry Me K-Drama. Fly High K-Drama Dream High Season 2 K-drama Complete. Perhaps Love K-Drama.

Free uc browser 9. Jae-hyuk apologizes and gets beat some more while Assistant Kim winces. King Gwanggaeto the Great K-Drama.

Fashiln, of course, looks dissatisfied. Lee Han Wi Supporting Cast. She criticizes everything he does…. Shin Don K-Drama. Creating Destiny K-Drama. Eyes of Dawn K-Drama. Keep the memory and create a new one. Smile, Dong Hae K-Drama.

Dal Ja’s Spring K-Drama. She also promises to seek revenge. Even if they back out of YGM that just means that kihg brand will be his alone.


Great Inheritance K-Drama Queen of Reversals K-Drama Thanks, by the very big way, for keeping these words flowing. Plastic Surgery Clinic K-Drama Notify me of new posts via email. 91

Last edited by a moderator: Thanks Raine for the recaps just want to indowevster this show so I could move on to the good stuff K2H. May 21, Messages: Anyway, Young-gul stumbles to the factory where he is met by Ga-young who was waiting for him.

King Geunchogo K-Drama Jang Mi Hee Supporting Cast. He really does have tons of reasons for being a jerk.