And take her nausea and vomiting away. Especially Meryem Abla was overjoyed. Is this how you fixed it? No abla, it’s not needed. Woman without husband keep calling you in her house. He gave us a fake murmur at first.

The rest is up to you. We’ll live in neighboring houses. I would never feed my children with the food earned with that money. Well, we watched the trial as if we were watching a football match. My knees are shaking even now. Woman without husband keep calling you in her house. Rahmi will be on his way.

Rahmi will be on his way. But this is not on, all of you dressed very smart. Is this how you fixed it? But they beat up the ones who get on the boat and not give a Titanic pose around here.

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But you can tell me what to do. The other day while you were trying to fix Nafiye Hanim’s plug socket You know, Emre was fafmagul to tell his family about our relationship. We’ll be living in distant places, that’s all. Guess something I ate upset my tummy.

Especially Meryem Abla was overjoyed.

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I’ll bring you mint and lemon. Is your party going to be long?

How it’s not important Fatmagul. We’ll still be together. What are you plumber or something? See our usage guide for more details on embedding. Besides I don’t have the apatite to put a piece of food in my mouth Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: I came to Rahmi Abi again, thanks to him he didn’t let me down.


I did cry so much when did you gave me that wedding dress as a present last year. We didn’t decide how? You didn’t eat much, though. And when sutbitles stuffed wine leaves turned out to be more yummy than mine, I let her do it more. The rest is up to you. Murat can’t even go down to play in the front of the door step.

I didn’t want it to be like this. Oh yes, that’s another story. Why are you keep going upstairs?

This weekend, Emre’s family is coming to ask my hand for marriage. I knew you’d cry for hearing all this, I wanted to save it to make you smile. When he did that, his family apparently told him they could ask my hand for marriage. But then I realized that they are happier over there.

If it’s not to much of a trouble, can you come and take a look. What would you like to drink? Well, I told you what I would do, Rahmi. We could have taken a taxi. I don’t want to take a credit but,all the organization and finding the boat down to Emre. It has got flower pattern on it, I like it so much. His mother’s relatives came from Germany.


My brother is more comfortable. Thank you, but why are you bothering to come all the way here everyday? If you are busy don’t come, never mind you might be busy I don’t want to take you away from it. I don’t want to be doing nothing, we are going to fill those photo albums. Either she’s sea sick or it is something she ate.

I’m glad I did, or he’d have been hungry till now. I like to finish my work quickly and I want to go soon as possible They were over the clouds, of course. Then thanks to Esma, she came for rescue.

It’s just throwing up makes me feel bad. You will have your own room.