Due to the controversial nature of some challenges, it is difficult to gauge who has been the most successful so far, but as a rough guide: Andy Wilman thinks Adam is funnier than Jeremy. Many thanks to VUK, the Scene groups, and everyone else who’s recorded these episodes for this site as well as Quiky for the awesome hosting. Adam will keep this show alive until 1 is accomplished. They were witty, funny, and full of charm. May ended up destroying another one of his pianos.

Clarkson won the race despite having been caught behind Hammond and May at times and almost colliding with No. I think Adam, Tanner, and Eric have a great chemistry. First, the set was perfect, walking into the Top Gear hanger created a wave of familiarity, but most importantly was the welcome atmosphere from the producers and talent. However, all is not lost. Details of what will be in the first episode of the new season are available on our forums. Clarkson created an amphibious Nissan pickup truck; Hammond used a new Volkswagen Transporter ; May upgraded and used the same Triumph Herald he had used in the original challenge. The trio are challenged to ‘tinker’ with their cars, with May simply fixing his so it works and adding continental yellow headlamps, Clarkson returning his to its original European specification and having an epiphany as he did so , while Hammond gave his MGB sporting credentials with a new exhaust, bucket seats and a sporty paint scheme.

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They had to have a sleeping area, a toilet and a cooking area. Meanwhile, May was the least successful, finishing last in two heats and third in the ‘loser’s final’. streetvire

The Backup car was a Ford Scorpio ,a car loathed by the three of them. The outcome was unexpected – while Clarkson’s new turbo made the Mitsubishi the fastest car in the entire race, the engine repeatedly overheated and broke down after almost every lap, before one last blow up put him out geaar good.

While Clarkson was in the lead heading into the final day, May posted the most consistent lap times at the regularity track day and inched out Clarkson in the final challenge.

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The presenters are given a budget to buy a used car conforming to certain criteria. Clarkson got “his gear shifter stuck up his arse”, while Hammond’s dog kennel fell off. During their journey they were given a series of challenges, which included the cars being driven around a track by The Stig’s overweight “American cousin,” doing 0 to 50 to 0 without over-running the track and thereby crashing into a river full of alligatorsand camping a night in a field eating only roadkill.

They were told to report to Kazakhstan, where they were to drive to the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Hammond was assigned Brian Wheeler, a sarcastic dwarf mechanic. They were given flak jackets and helmets to get to their location. After a long drive through Africa, which showed that Hammond made a clever choice with his all wheel drive Subaru in view of all those dirt tracks, and several ‘modifications’ the boys were stealing bits from each other’s cars to modify their own car the boys were getting closer.


May’s Jaguar broke down so many times that he eventually gave up the challenge, managing just 8 miles per gallon. May fitted a Triumph Herald with a mast and sails. They succeeded in removing the roof from a Renault Espace and replaced it with a canvas fold-down top.

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Challenges included bringing Western-themed goods with their cars and building a stall to promote them, A mountain rally and modifying their cars to be better able to tackle the dangerous mountain roads. Hammond won most of the challenges, and May’s Urraco was a constant source of problems due to its poor electrics – it arrived in Bristol on the back of a tow truck, and broke down on almost every leg of the trip.

Fuel Economy Race – Car vs. The trio unsuccessfully tried to have fun and caused numerous traffic jams.

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Subsequently, Clarkson admitted that the feature was not the greatest of ideas. The boys also reproduced the intro of Money from the various squeaks and clunks their cars made. Hammond eventually freed himself from the mud, and Clarkson, upset for not being able to climb the riverbank after fording a small river, had to cut the Frontera in half. Finally, the presenters went to a circuit, where the cars were lapped by the Stig’s German cousin. Richard Hammond’s Suzuki Escudo. To prove this, each of the presenters must find a cheap, race-worthy car and modify it so it can be race-ready.

Clarkson rolled his car attempting to overtake a Ford Focus.

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Retrieved from ” https: Despite this, May made no modifications, and it had the least breakdowns. The presenters raced against each other with Eddie boarding the Orient Express from London to Venice.

The three presenters travelled 1, miles through the rainforests of Bolivia to the Pacific coast of Chile. When their initial theory on the source is broken after their search around Edward, the trio soon have another and begin heading towards Tanzania and the Serengeti. Sabine was declared winner of this challenge. The final challenge was an endurance race – each presenter was allowed to modify their car with the money left over year the original purchase.


James Maydriving a Subaru Legacyarrived 40 minutes after Clarkson. Only Hammond manages to finish the race, with Clarkson’s scooter falling down a hill into a set of trees, and May aborting the mission and getting stuck outside a pub near Crickhowell. Clarkson gead the challenge despite bringing the most unreliable of the three cars when he earned more by breaking up his car and selling it for parts.


The cars were then inspected to determine how much money was needed to restore episove to showroom condition. The final challenge was to see who could log the most miles from the starting point to Baikonur with a condition: Once the presenters had built their limos, they had to chauffeur three celebrities across London to the Brit Awards.

The presenter who unofficially won the most challenges was Clarkson, with In this case it was an Opel Astra 1.

The team worked through the entire day and night to get the job done. Retrieved 9 January He covers some things we already knew such as the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, but he also talked about some behind the scenes stuff.

Hammond bought a gold necklace of Jesus’ face, May bought a bottle of Frankincense — in fact, a bottle of hotel shampoo — and Clarkson was unable to find any Myrrh, so bought a Nintendo DS. After the track day, the presenters then had to prep their cars for a Concours d’Elegance competition.

The producers have reserved a single ticket to a football match in MilanNorthern Italyso the trio see who get it first by racing from the Wembley Stadium in London to the San Siro in Milan, although this time, the car may have a real challenge, since trains have gotten faster and Channel crossing have gotten slower since their last epic race. Is there another take that we could use?

Find source of the Nile: Challenges included driving to a camp ground in PolzeathCornwallchanging into a wet suit inside the campervan, sleeping, ‘going to the bog ‘ in their campervans, and cooking a meal.

Hammond expected to be part of the aerial display, and was made to take part in a Wing walking demonstration during which he spent most of the time screaming. While Clarkson denied the incident at first, he eventually issued an apology following the evidence’s appearance.

May and Clarkson have won the most cheap car challenges with seven victories and Hammond has won three. The presenters were challenged to create their own electric car that would rival the G-Wiz. Clarkson bought a Alfa Romeo 75 3. Upon arriving in Varadero, Rory and Chris decided to race the locals in a drag race, where both of them lost in a considerably large gap.