EX a chair 2 chairs a frame 2 frames kurs i i zu: Ilk waqtillis t-ohbiT id-dru: Jas 1 ixxir lll-ijtima: Edited November 1, by Yogioh. Nader Nour Habibi Ana. Ahmed Sami – Testahly A7san.

Reda Ana Bat3lem Menak. I feel comfortable among my friends. She is preparing for a career in law. Mohamed Bahy Dam3y Ykafi. Each entry in the English-Tunisian Arabic section emphasizes the nuances of meaning of the oiven Arabic equivalent. The house of parliament, majlis il-umma HOW 1 adv. He cautioned the driver to pay attention. Amr Diab – Law 2ader – Master Version.

Hamada Helal 3amaloha El Regalah. S To be has no equivalent in Arable at the present tense in the affir- mative and the wa3s formes ex: Omar Haseeb Ew3i Te2olelo.

Amal Hegazy Mesta3gil Leih. How much is a one way ticket? Amr Diab – Law 2ader – Master Version. Students assembled in the classroom. Me modified his plans.

What are the things you bought? Ahmed Sami – Testahly A7san. Arwa – Ma Aby. Amr Ali – Baladak Masr. Hussein El Jasmi Wa3 Saraha.



He forgot to mention youtname. Posted December 24, I’ll be back in a moment. The airplane will land In 15 minutes.

Khaled el tayeb ft MohammedSiam, Kalemtak mara Here. I don’t like the cold. DEED 3 1 n.

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Do you want anything? The room emptied In 10 minutes. Ashraf Ghazal Rabena Yeshfeek. Esam Shaban El KosKosy. They are always lamenting about tha food. Ameena 7oush Elly We2e3. Stfflri plate 2 n. He worked hard; however, he didn’t succeed. Hany Shaker Rab El-Malakout. Tamer Shokry Ana Nefsy.

Aw3d Fouad Wala Nos Kelma.

Tamer Hossni – Ft – Haitham Shaker 3ada 3alya. Haitham Shaker Gowa Hodnak.


He got on the forward car. He la always arguing. Hamid El Sh3ery maxri 7agto Master Quality. He did me a great favor. I am dying fronrfat. Baha’a Al Kafy Samples The transcription adopted is a standard Arabic phonetic system with some mcdif icationa 0 Many of these modifications Were due to the practical problem of not having a special typewriter with keys fen phonetic symbols.


The sun does not harm the plants. Who is going to look after her? Carpets are cheap in Kairouan. Posted March 4, edited. The bread is crisp, ilxobz yifgartnish.

Al Magmo3a Ayamna El Gaya. Merna Mstneak Here Or Here. Ths brakes were the cause of the accident. Did you look backward? He Is still In the third grade. I called him but he flim not there. We cleared the table in!