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Meuther will not only be presenting the recent graduates with their certificates of completion of the course but will also ‘honor two of the instructors in the program with Certificates of Merit for theri outstanding leadership in conducting the LUTC classes. NADER will be granted special’ privileges and wear a silver star designating the honor accorded him by the academy dean.

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One man was killed and four passengers in his car were injured in a Thursday night accident south of Rte. Despite this program, the death rate from heart attack has undergone little change.

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Act I got off to a rather slow start but soon had the audience captivated. Thirteen friends helped Kenny celebrate the’ happy occasion.

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Fox for The Pub. She was preceeded in death by her husband, William Stemel, on July 18, – i son, Elmer Stemel, on May 24, – 1 daughter Lorraine Stemel at the age of 7 yn.