Be the star and the owner of fame.. May Allah pleasure your heart as much as you were the source of happiness for Egyptian people and Arabs. Already have a TCM Profile? Youssra, Hanan Turk, Hani Salama. We need to restore the spirit of Nasser and the principles of his revolution in national independence, social justice and Arab nationalism You have lived Abu Khaled https: Colonel Sate’a El-Nu’mani was injured in Bayn El-Sarayat clashes , lost his sight, and passed a long treatment trip before he left our world in London last Wednesday morning. Misr Arabia Films company, the company that produced the “Karma” film presented the song of the film and it is a duet that combines folk singer Ahmed Sheiba and singer Hany Adel, knowing that the film scheduled launching in the next Eid El-Fitr season.

Mohamed Henedi, Leqa’, Hassan Hosny. Khaled Youssef wrote on his ofiicial Account on Insagaram: The Football League Cup has announced the six-man competition for winning the title of the best player r in Premier League: Oran – Egyptian director Khaled Youssef confirmed on Friday in Oran that his “Karma” film, which was screened Thursday for the opening of the 11th edition of Oran International Film Festival; is not interested in politics as it is about patriotism and social justice. Edit Storyline This movie talks about the social differences between the rich and the poor, and the relationship between Christians and Muslims. Khaled Youssef says that his film “talks about of man with all his contradictions, including good and evil.

From the fiilm director Rami Emam comes this comedy starring Hani Ramzi as Sultan, an extremely dumb but kind-hearted thief tries to change his life after he meets and falls in love Khaled Youssef says that his film “talks about of man with all his contradictions, including good and evil. Subscribe to our store newsletter for savings! On a bloody night in a place where we are supposed to feel safe, a young man and rokan beloved are struggling not to reach the hospital, but to run away from it.

Borrowing from the religious narrative of Prophet Youssef and his relations with his resentful brothers, Khaled Youssef weaves the tale of Shehata, the son shshata a gardener who opens a grocery store and names it after his youngest son, much to the disappointment of his older brothers.

Misr Lil Cinema Production Company. The Arabic film Dokan Shehata. The Guest II Learn more More Like This. We need to restore the spirit of Nasser and the principles of his revolution in national independence, social justice and Arab nationalism. Mohamed Ramadan is a good actor.


He was the knight of nobility and the greatest warrior for the values of freedom, social justice and national liberation. As for Haifa Wahbi, I will only give her kudos for the effort she exerted to portray Beesa.

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So the punk tries to convince him to produce the substance for a greedy drug lord. The dokkan of the movie deals with the idea of revenge between families in south Egypt, through two families “El Zanaty” and “El Gebaly”.

Khaled Mohieddin is one of the great parents of the Egyptian National School.

He works in the department treating the criminally insane, only to find his best friend to be one of the patients. He pointed out that Sheikh Zayed made the UAE a unique experience and put it at the forefront of the country with so many things. Khaled Youssef revealed about his opinion around the Young superstar Mohamed Ramadan responding the question “How are you seeing Mohamed Ramadan currently?

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Khaled Mohieddin entered battles against all manifestations of injustices, obscene and authoritarianism of all time. In the end, whether you like it or not you have to agree that Khaled Youssef employed all the different elements at his disposal to set the pessimistic mood of living in a society that is very well on the verge of becoming the ideal dystopia.

We have not verified that the email belongs to you. He said to me: A boy living in dokqn poor neighborhood is working as a police agent. We learned how to taste all kinds of torment and are considered it a little bit because we defend the principles and values and ideals are eternal and the remaining and defend the right of the people is the sokan among the peoples and the homeland is the oldest among the homelands Add: On his birthday,which is on the same day of leader Gamal Abdel Nasser departure anniversary, director Khaled Youssef wrote through his official Instagram account: Shehatz stressed the need not to focus on race, religion or classes, millions of people are victims of such conflicts and differences.

The director Khaled Youssef confirmed that he is keen to attend Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean countries every yearespecially this city has a great historical and dojan importance, and because it is also the country of his teacher, the late director Youssef Chahine.


Please enter your information below rokan create your own personal account with tcm. Because he is interested in the people and the Egyptian citizen and he is not concerned with politics even with the parliamentary hat.

I am sure that more than 90 percent of those dokkan speak negatively about them have based their views on an audio culture subject to a systematic smear campaign that has been exposed to this revolution and its leader. Please provide your site password to link to your existing account.

Khaled Youssef said that his return to the cinema was fun after 7 years of busy work in what is happening in Egypt because he is a member of the Egyptian House of Representatives. Sign Out My Profile. My mother defeated me in a second in a situation that I will never forget.

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Login with Social Account: The festival program, which runs until July 31, also includes four workshops in short filmmaking, screenwriting and visual effects design. Oran represents a date with this wonderful audience that will show you the presence in the halls of cinema throughout the days of this festival.

The director of Suwasiya Film Festival 1st edition for short and documentary in Suez Governorate, announced the winners of the film awards. His honest portrayal of the vulnerable yet integral Shehata is truly amazing. Backstage of the new film “Karma” was published in preparation for screening the film in cinemaswhich returns the director Khaled Youssef to cinema again. A stong message from Khaled Youssef to the Arab Peoples.

He chose a high-quality camera for filming the rich world in which “Adham” lived, while the world of “Watany” has been screened in old-fashioned camera where the image talks about himself.

Login with your social network: The Casablanca Film Festival discusses the Arabia cinema. Khaled Youssef reveals the scenes of filming his new film Karma.