I switched from a regular screen protector to one that is non glare. We have prioritized development of the Defender Series, so we expect to have that one available first with the other options later on. Keep up the good work! I LOVE making ringtones! I love how it syncs with my laptop. The metal backing also started to come off, which to me proves that the case did nothing to protect my phone.

Refer the side view of the qwerty. Ok all you Vista users. HAve checked the boxes for syncing but still not in my iphone. Maybe yall can give me some insight into what might work now. I am really not as well accustomed to this subject but I do prefer to have a look at blogs for layout recommendations and fascinating topics. That solved the problem and I loved this screen protector much betterType your comment here K:

The only thing you need to do… AFTER you have copied the file to your desktop and renamed the extension… delete the 30 second clip that you converted from mp3 to aac from your itunes library. It is so worth the money and a lot less than replacing my phone! Other so called or claimed wizzos explain how to put custom ringtone onto iphone 4s but it never works. Does this mean the song might be DRM?

And the Accountability recommendations are great as well; glad to see some discussion in this area. I just sold my 2G iPhone which had a generic screen protector, did okay at keeping scratches off but the protector got nicked and scratched itself which was ugly. I need one and I want one. I like Dragon Search tooi like how it pulls from several platforms at once.


Thanks so much…I simply do not pay for ringtones. I would highly recommend Evernote. I have a red bajwan sitting on the shelf waiting for an iPhone4S… Ha! Song titles need to be short is another thing that should be noted.

If not, when will a case be available? This is now much easier with the CE and other dedicated browsers.

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God, please let it be available in red… I like! I get lost at 4. My ring tones a quiet though. Walmart where I live have the defender series for 40 bucks which is a pretty good deal.

Thanks for the responses. Maybe yall can give me some insight into what might work now. It is one of the only cases that has a protective glass screen protector. I caved in and bought one. I went through all the steps successfully but each time I tried to sync it to my iPhone, I was told it was too long?!!

Thanks for visiting conta site and Good luck! And if you possibly want all of the special items, Bleeker Street at NY is the place to visit! I highly recommend Byline.

And all those who mentioned changing the file name!!

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I found a song that had a few seconds of dead air and selected that segment, followed the ftc and presto, I have a NONE ringtone that I can assign to nuisance callers! ARe any of the converted files, etc, ok to trash?

The case is CRAP!!

Thanks for the review. Interested to know if you have an iPad fiom what you have found useful about it an iPad equivalent of your iPhone post? Situs ini menggunakan cookie. I saw a few other people had this problem too. Thanks I have tried all the steps expect when i try to put the ringtone into my i tunes it does not work can somebody help me please Thank you so much!!!


Having problem with step 22…. I have a iphone 4s, is maybe the 4s having ftb with these steps. I have done it exactly step by step according to this tutorial multiple times! Current way of getting iPhone ringtones is ludicrous.

I am a mac user, could you please help?!

I was suffering around the net and trying to find how to creat a ringtone and a lot of them show the same procedure like yours but they missed out one step which messed up the whole thing.

I wish all instructions were as accurate cstv this easy to follow.

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This is step by step! Nor is there one in the sidebar. It offers protection what a clumsy person like me needs to protect my newly acquired phone. However, please note that because Android phones are all different, getting fillm ringtone onto whatever type of Android phone you have could be challenging. I need a case that is me-proof!