It’s still quite an enjoyable film with some moments I found really funny and so I’ll recommend it for one viewing, at least. These prevail particularly with the ‘sideshow’ who recycle scrap in to wonderful creations fresh from a fifties cartoon short. The ever present dark humour and crazy twists are there, in a way similar to Tim Burton, only Jeunet “goes to eleven”. Their plans to foil the two villains are extremely creative and utterly unexpected, providing most of the film’s subtle and beautifully simplistic humour. The rest of the film then follows Bazil and his group as they seek to take down both companies. OK, maybe a couple of dozen times. I will be honest – I am a huge Jeunet fan but I found this film to be one of his weakest.

There are glimpses of the best Jeunet in Micmacs but, overall, the movie is not engaging or funny enough, and, what is worse, it is pretentious at times. The film may have strong themes about weapons manufacture and the arms trade, but it’s done in the style of a children’s story. But while virtually every frame creaks with inspiration, you can’t help but come away feeling there’s something missing. Then one day, Bazil recognizes the logos of the weapons manufacturers that caused all of his misfortune. Hell, Jeunet even gives a little time for romance or mostly implied until near the end between Bazil and the contortionist. He MUST get out of his comfort zone and challenge him self with another genre, cinematography and actors. Bazil as a child loses his father to a landmine in Morocco. Not all of the great film festivals are outside of the U.

He is soon taken in by a group of eccentrics that will act as his family.

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Just as he begins to diffuse it we are treated to a long shot of all of the men working as our friend blows up. While Atkinson presents no evidence whatsoever that he is anything in real life but a lovely man, his Bean character grates on my nerves to the point of physical discomfort. This year I’ve decided to not include titles that were introduced in and are having their theatrical release this year: Together, they take on a band of arms-manufacturers whose products respectively injured Bazil and lrigot Bazil’s father, by triggering tension between them.

As the chase passes by the video store, Bazil runs out to see the mc.


The viewer is never aware of just how fast the film often moves. I’m obviously wrong and Jeunet’s style works just fine with the political message. The political message is new to me with regards to Jeunet’s movies and in my opinion doesn’t fit his very characteristic style of movie-making.

One positive review, by Ty Burr, states, ” Micmacs is the equivalent of a circus troupe setting up a tent in a war zone: The other actors making up the gang are also wonderful, as are the two weapon tycoons. He is transported to a hospital where the doctor decides that he does not feel like chancing the surgery and leaves the bullet in Bazil’s head.

Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot)

Have you spotted a mistake in these specifications? We move forwards in time and we see the now grown up boy, named Bazil Dany Boonworking in a video store, watching a classic film.

It really is too much to eat at one sitting, and I would recommend a second look. However, where there is excess there is also restraint. Then please visit our forums and let us know! Edit Did You Know? As Bazil attempts to return to his life, he finds that everything has moved on without him. Micmacs won’t make you angry unless you count your money and time carefully but it is shockingly inadequate and disappointing.

Nicolas Thibault de Fenouillet. This is a very well made film with some really clever and inventive set pieces.

Audible Download Audio Books. Though the happenstance, serendipitous cosmic conditions in the film may be on the ‘quirky’ side, the camraderie and visual treats on screen are genuinely uplifting.

Jeunet doesn’t need any dialogue to convey what has happened. The biggest highlight by far has been Edward Nortonwho I’ve seen several times over the weekend.

Thank you for listening. What I expect I may hear from people is ‘it is quirky’ it’s a bit of fun’. After conquering this great beast, I took to my.

An error has occured. Amnonce Jeunet loves the hell out of being a filmmaker.

Of the eccentric group that Bazil runs with, each one has his own quirk with little to no development past that. There’s my take on this film. Be aware of reviewers’ and viewers’ opinions on this one: Eric Naggar as Marconi’s Bamde. The main character is given five minutes of backstory, and his team of cohorts are given almost none, but the ploys they devise to catch the arms dealers are almost always delightfully carried. While the parts are quite good, the sum is pretty pedestrian.


In a muc, French way, that is. The film’s anti-war stance is overtly annince. It’s a joyous film to experience, with cartoon like interludes of grin evoking madness. As the chase passes by the video store, Bazil runs out to see the commotion. Yes No Report this. He amorously recites the lines of the film he watches matching the cadence perfectly. Julie Ferrier plays Caoutchouc, who is in need of love and a great deal of attention and she acts really convincing.

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Next, Bazil escapes from a repressive Catholic orphanage. You may not be surprised to find that Boon started out as a mime. There’s Calculette, the daughter of a carpenter and a sowing lady, who can measure up anything and anyone with one look.

This film made me think of Slevin those who have seen will understand. Another illustration is the film “Life is Beautiful. Are there any pygmy midgets? The film zips away from this scene to the wife and son of the departed as they are informed of his death. His bannde has been rented to someone new and his job has been giving hande a cute young girl who gives him the bullet casing that was found in the street, remnants of the moment that changed everything.

It’s no secret that I am not the biggest French movie fan, but this one I found rather entertaining. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Even when I’ve only somewhat loved his films Amelie and Alien 4you oarigot still see that he’s working his own kind of world into the medium, a vision that is comparable to others but not really like anyone else in the humor, the directness of the compositions and lighting, the surreal touches and flamboyant qualities of bnade characters, and how fantastical everything is.