Back in the ‘s “Pontianak” series was very popular in Malaysia. Back at the village, an ecstatic Halimah goes to see Amran. As upset as this makes her aunt 2 , it irks Halimah still more But Amran’s housekeepers have a surprise announcement of their own. Though the monster masks and costumes may have been so cheap that even W. Then, in the mid-to-late ‘s, a series of religious revivals began in Islamic countries, revivals which were further encouraged by the success of the Iranian revolution in

The drums pound furiously; the dancers shriek and wail as though they were real monsters; and as the melodic instruments begin to play, the dancers disappear behind a huge tree trunk. Obviously something must be done to protect Rohani and her family from the shame of her pregnancy. Add the first question. Rather than stay and watch her sister drown, Halimah runs off into the forest. Since nobody has any reason to suspect Halimah is harboring a terrible secret, the whispers against poor Comel begin. While I don’t know enough about the situation to tell exactly what impact this may have had on popular cinema, I do know this: Yes No Report this. She sits by a pond, singing the first of the movie’s many songs, and waits for him to come to her.

He leaves them alone at Gua Musang. No matter how much the supernatural may seem to intrude on the action, we never forget that all the characters are believeable human beings, capable of doing great good and great evil sometimes in the same action.

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Collapsing behind a patch of trees, she gives birth to her baby and expires. Equally offhandedly, Rohani agrees. Out of the cave steps the old woodcutter, with Comel on his arm. These two are our singing comic relief.

This starts the two superstitious men worrying that there might be a real vampire on the loose, and they dash through the forest terrified. They name her Comel pronounced “Chomel” — “the cute one”, which by filj amazing coincidence is the name of the original pontianak from the Maria Menado series of the ‘s. Start With a Classic Cult. They pull the pontianak trick on him, too; and when they’ve all had a good laugh over it which is probably more than we can dothe third man wonders if perhaps they have a costume for him as well.


Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. It also offers an insight into Malaysian local culture,so I was pleased.

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I hope my readers will forgive my musamg review The only disappointment I felt after watching it for the first time was that the jump-scare of the pre-credits introduction was completely out of synch with the tone of the movie itself.

Shuhaimi Baba’s Pontianak Sundal Malam was made entirely according to the official rules, and was a popular success; this success allowed the same director to bend the rules somewhat in the sequel.

The “supernatural” is by its definition something outside of normal human experience. Once again, the years pass, bringing with them some bad times for practically everybody.

The childless couple had been overjoyed to find the baby, which they determined to raise as their own.

Donning white dresses and horrible masks, they wait up a banana tree for Amran’s housekeeper to pass. The respect by which I think Pontianak Gua Musang should be used as a template is this: Putting a scarf over his head, he waits by the side of the road and pretends to be a woman because, hey — the only thing funnier in-and-of-itself than a Fat Guy is a Man Dressed Up Musanv a Woman. She begins fklm have terrible dreams — at least, we think they’re dreams. Halimah awakens, terrified, and runs into the bedroom where musanb housekeepers are asleep.


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Back in the ‘s “Pontianak” series was very popular in Malaysia. Audible Download Audio Books. This gives the two practical jokers an idea, though. By the mid’s, Malaysia had become a much different country than it had been at the time of independence.

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By the last major Malay film studio closed its doors 1. Pontianak Gua Musang is nearly two hours long, and in a language I don’t understand; yet — in spite of the songs, the comic relief, and the numerous scenes in which people walk to their marks and talk to each other — at no time was I bored by mjsang.

When the woodcutter hears the pontiwnak of a baby’s screams, he rushes for the riverbank Walid Satay and Mat Sentul have another song in which they extol the virtues of village cooking.

Now, readers, I’d like you to consider this: Back at the village, Amran becomes very upset over Rohani’s sudden disappearance. Watch now on “UnMade”.

The two sit by the water, starry-eyed, exchanging gooey endearments that really need no translation she calls him “big brother”, but that’s not as creepy as it sounds. As the movie starts, a young boy runs into town with pontiannak news that a tiger harimau has been seen in the area.

Everything about Pontianak Gua Musang shows it to be a solid and professional production.