International urban and contemporary hip hop groups such as Didier Awadi and his band Presidents of Africa and electronic music groups such as Zong and Nortec Collective have also made there way into the festival. In his speech of August 20, , the king of Morocco stressed the necessity of preserving the Amazigh culture, and declared that Tamazight will begin to be taught in schools in Morocco. Date Concert for Tolerance Agadir: The President of the festival is the energy tycoon Aziz Akhennouch. Boulevard of Young Musicians. Salh Lbacha Track 3. Salh Elbacha Piste 2.

Montevideo, 24 may EFE. Salh El Bacha New After the Arab invasion, this part of the world became known as Almaghrib. Kamaran Salh Bekas Mawm. Salh Lbacha Album Iguiguil Complet With bookings down in , there is very little visibility on the sector. A rediscovery of the city through the arts accessible in public spaces.

Casablanca, Morocco offers visitors a rich array of events and festivals throughout the year that highlight its unique zrwyfa identity and history. Each year the Festival Timitar honors artists coming from all over the world including Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East in order vok offer the Agadir audience the best of numerous works in Amazigh traditional music, modern music from the Maghreb and elsewhere, rap, jazz and hip hop.

The government says the aim is to have Berber classes taught in all schools and at all levels within the next 10 years. Salh El Bacha Album Salh Lbacha Track 3.

Most of the participants are young, but audiences enjoy the competitive nature of the various groups. Salh Elbacha P4.


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The festival will also pay tribute to famous late Amazigh singer Mohamed Rouicha. Therefore, the official attempts to exclude the Moroccan identity of the Amazigh culture are a dangerous attack on the Moroccan people’s right to enjoy its cultural and historical heritage.

Moreover, since August 24th ofthe national television station started broadcasting the news in Tamazight three times a day. A rediscovery of the zrayfs through the arts accessible in public spaces.

Salh Lbacha Jadid Clip Latest habesha Movie, Music, Comedy Drama. Along with the spectacular music, one is guaranteed fresh seafood and cool air during the hottest season of the year. Salh Elbacha Piste 4.

In his speech of August 20,the king of Morocco stressed the necessity of preserving zrayra Amazigh culture, and declared that Tamazight will begin to be taught in schools in Morocco. The diverse line up of the Timitar festival holds strong to spirit of plurality inherent in world music and the Amazigh musical tradition.

Attended by Moroccans and foreigners, the Timitar Festival is an exciting foray into Morocco in summer. More Imazighen are getting organized and involved in their local communities in order to denounce the marginalization of the Amazigh culture and language. Salh Lbacha Jadid.

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Salh Lbacha Adjawa Tarbit Atsmami. This is the first time that the real figures are much worse than expected. The event does not only aim at allowing Amazigh music and culture to gain maximum exposure, but also supporting both young and famous Amazigh artists, said Khaled Bazid, head of the Timitar Music Festival.

The king’s head of state declaration shows that Imazighen have been taken seriously, and makes us more proud of our language and heritage. Here is the list of artists participating in the Concert for Tolerance Salh Lbacha Tafaska Track 1. Click the events and vll links below for further information. Jadid Salh Lbacha 3id Lfirre.


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The festival, which will take place on Juneaims at acquainting the audience with Amazigh music, taking the culture to an international level by hosting a wide variety of singers who represent different dialects and music styles.

The President of the festival is the energy tycoon Aziz Akhennouch. The downward trend had already been identified by professionals.

This 7th edition will take place on October 6 from Hosted by the Ben M’sik Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Hassan II University, this festival is a week-long presentation of video arts during which people from all over xrayfa world showcase their perspective on a particular theme.

The French, more likely to visit Morocco to say ztayfa tempted to spend their holidays in some Arab countries, including the kingdom. Salh Elbacha Part 1. Salh Elbacha Piste 1. There is more work to be done at the local and national level, in order to educate and motivate all Imazighen to rise against the cultural discrimination and assert their identity rights.