I love the part where she plunged her ex. You filled in some blanks that were making me a little dissatisfied with the episode, thinking too many relationships were left hanging — especially Daddy Cha’s puzzling stubbornness — but now it all makes much more sense and there is better closure than I’d imagined from watching without subs. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Favorite. It’s bad enough that we know she’ll end up with Chi Soo, but like 7 said, trying to show us that Kang Hyuk is being given a chance–that he actually stand a chance–and then constantly slapping the fact that it’s always Chi Soo who’ll triumph on our faces, that’s what I hate. Loved the recap as always! You, of course, are flawless. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Favorite. NO, that was certainly NOT the reason why he left his Ramyun family, he left was because he did not want his Ramyun family get hurt, Chi-soo is growing up and starting to understand how to love.

I hope the ending means that Chi-soo will step up and be a man and not a manchild. I really wonder how their going to end this Once Eun Bi decides who and what she wants, and the issue of the Shop and Daddy Cha are sorted out I’d love to just watch a show about them in the Ramyun shop doing fun stuff. That’s a really good title! Not sympathy-sad, but pathetic-sad. His Japanese father’s son? I loved the manhwa moment when words were bouncin og CHisoo from Bawool’s yelling and Hyunwoo hitting them.

I know I’m probably not supposed to analyze this too closely, but in the earlier episodes there was talk of Eun Bi’s Dad refusing to sell the shop, and we saw Kang-hyuk refusing to Daddy Cha’s face as well Who knew from such fluffy promo that we’ll get one of the most coherently written drama this year. Eun-bi walks home with a bag of apples, accidentally dropping one on the street.


Girlfriday you get this all the time but let me say it as well. Lena December 13, at 9: Will So-Yi realize Ba-wool’s worth?

Waiting all night for the recap. This is what my reward is for studying!

Although removing the door was cutesy for a drama, if that happened to me in real life I would be livid. Thank you Dramabeans Team for the recap! Everyone looks at Eun-bi, waiting for some reaction, something to change and snap her out of it. Do people have so much trouble reading their hearts???

Flower boy ramyun shop episode 2 english sub

Lee Ki Woo Main Cast. I’ve been refreshing forever for this!!! When you dislike someone you don’t ask yourself for months ” what’s the feeling in my heart? She’s freaking cry over you Chi Soo! I dont know if it’s finals stress or what, but I literally cried.

Episode 14

Ba-wool gulps nervously, and then goes in eyes closed, nearly missing her lips. He did it not only for the girl but for his “new family” and more importantly I hope he did it for himself, he needs to find his own way first. On the other hand, if this show is as smart as it seems so far, maybe they can play that right and turn it on its head.

The best one of the whole year. Rwmyun have also teared up on multiple occasions these last few episodes, because this is just unbelievably heartbreaking. With enough closure and enough open-ended-ness that you are satisfied to let it go. Is this really over tomorrow night?

Eun bi is such an utterly useless character in this drama that it amazes me It was the DramaFever inferred translation. Talk about last minute upping the stakes then too.


Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Episode 13 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

But honestly, how can she know there would be no tsunami with kang hyuk if she didn’t test it out?! The only thing I can think is he is a lot shyer with woman that he is letting on, or has had so little experience with them that he doesn’t know what to do Part of this is with the constant constipation and now fainting. Granted this drama is the usual getting out of ones comfort zone and breaking free of expectations, it addresses this run-of-the-mill drama subject with colorful clever dialogue and sketches.

I freaking love Bawool. That was a terrible ending for him. She’s an adult who hasn’t claimed that she’s dating either one of them so where does he get off telling Chisoo off for the exact same thing he’s doing? Well this is the man who likes to lay down and sleep at the drop of a hat and thinks taking his clothes off for sex or anything else for that matter is such an annoyance he really can’t be bothered And finally, this series promised to be an homage to the coffee prince, to the baker king, to the greatest love, to the secret garden!

Shukmeister December 20, at So Chisoo is a kid. That’s my boy he dunnit again. He greets her asking how his Eebeunie is doing.

This drama has been good-every episode! ChiSoo’s still in high school