Yet even so far the magistrates, and even the bishops, incurred the Pope’s displeasure, in consequence of their softness of heart and lukewarmness in the cause of heaven. The bishop, however, in , heard, for the first time, that Sagarelli had been heard uttering invectives against the Holy Church. The faggots of Or- leans and Milan had aroused general curiosity as to the real import of those so-called Manichasan doctrines, which, for a long course of time, seemed to be re- garded as the heresy, par excellence, to which the most heinous offences were vaguely imputed, but which, even after the conviction, punishment, last speeches and confessions of their promoters, remained still involved in so provoking a mystery. Dolcino shifts his Camp. There, like Henry, Eon died in prison ; but great numbers of his followers were brought to the stake, especially by the watchful activity of the bishop of St. Nothing more common than to find the purest virtue co-existent with unsoundness of belief.

Barefooted, worn out with fast and hardships, this man for several years preached with success at Lausanne, Mans, Poitiers, and Bordeaux. It is everywhere avowed by his opponents, and it too clearly results from the blind fidelity with which they followed his hard destinies. Also Additamentum ad Historiam Dulcini, pp. She an- nounced her own passion, death, and resurrection; promised her re-appearance before the Judgment day. For the Italian wine grape also known as Dolcino, see Dolcetto. They had just won the first battle of freedom ever fought in Europe since the pressure of northern invasions had substituted might for right. Historia Inquisitionis, cui subjungitur liber sententiarum Inquisitionis Tholosanae, ab a. Nor, it is well to observe, were the victims them- selves, in this instance, free from that fanaticism which brought them to their doom:

Fra Dolcino

Simonians, and other agitators of the nineteenth. Manichseism in dolcimo Church — The earhest Paterini. First Hostilities — at Gattinara— at Campertogno. Enmity of Rome against these Sects.

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XI Tests of Chastity. The regular brethren themselves were, perhaps, sufficiently well informed and moderate to avoid the worst errors of their new associates ; they were at least distin- guishable by their flm, and might be closely watched in case of need, and taken to task. Motives imputed to Dolcino. For a century and a half, the clergy could do no more than preach themselves hoarse against them.


Denial only irritated them ; hesitation only increased their sus- picion. Even long after that period, many of the cities, especially those who followed the Ghibeline party, repeatedly found themselves in the ranks of opposition to the Popes, during the reign of Otho IV.

Inquisitionis, Liber Sententianim, p. Italian Indifference — its causes. The Holy Graildolcnio, pg 17—18who references C. These either boldly professed themselves, or were declared, the Church’s foes — the heretics.

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Peter Damianus, inand which gave rise to the most dreadful commotions throughout that century. Leniency of some of the Clergy.

At no time has such a language been lost upon the children of Italy, From the days of Crescentius to those of Rienzi and Mazzini, a foe to the Papacy has ever been a hero to the Romans. Importance of the subject. The order was thus distracted by schism at a very early epoch ; but the breach was healed up by Sagarelli himself, who now consented to take the dolxino authority upon himself, and ruled over the order in peace and charity to the day of liis death, in The close of that quarrel was the almost immediate signal for another still greater strife, in which the Italian cities stood up for their municipal freedom against Frederic I.

He allowed his hair and beard to grow ; discarded all manner of covering for fi,m head ; he went barefooted, or borrowed the soles or sandals of the Franciscans ; he also girt his loins with the cord of that order ; for the rest, he put on a frock or tunic after what he conceived to be the apostolic cut, and put over it a cloak or mantle which went over the shoulders, and was clasped over the breast.

Sectarians charged with Manichaeism were in the meanwhile hunted out all over the West. They demanded from the free states of Italy what they had already obtained from the greatest potentates. The bull is no longer extant, but allusion occurs to it in Eymericf, who describes it as a mere iteration of the former decree.


We find from his own words in his last confession, that he fell thrice into the hands of the merciless enemies who sought his life, and that in all these instances he allayed or deluded their fury, either by a flat retraction of all ffa doctrines, or more probably by that adroit skirmishing of amphibological phrases by which, like so many other heretics, he DOLCINO’S GENIUS. Heribert had one of the sect, apparently a teacher, Gherardo by name, brought before him.

The views of the mere disciplinarians could not have been more simple and doclino. From the first of these imputations, no man would certainly undertake to clear them.

No world was ever discovered, no nation enfranchised, no great truth revealed except by this same God-haunted self-reliance. He was little known in the town ; a layman, of low birth, illiterate, and an idiot.

Dolcino Master of the Battle-field — his Situation. In his long hours of musing the half-witted enthusiast dwelt with eyes riveted on those figures; till, at last, — we know not after how many months or years, — a great thought seemed to have struck him, which soon manifested itself in his actions. Character of Mediaeval Warfare. But besides these tenebrous doctrines, which men were fain to trace to ancient Eastern errors, other heresies of more recent and spontaneous growth were often blended with, and mistaken for them.

In the same words and to the same eflfect, we are informed, another bull was issued inthree years after the restoration of those sharp-sighted in- quisitors at Parma.