The level of processing cognitive information that is least used is the creating. My Map I will observe at least two Resource Teachers, analyze and reflect on my observations. Reconstruct your Resource Teachers lesson plan. Vergonville Elementary School Resource Teacher: It is good to find out the matter and the extent to which these principles are applied in the classroom. The teacher also encourages the students to make lesson objectives on their own. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

Is studying purely for school purposes? The process of problem solving Make use of different teaching strategies and that can cater multiple intelligences and learning are highly unique and learning styles. We must teach by heart not just by book. I will write down my reflections on my observation and experiences. Those things that are repeated are best remembered 3. Write them down here. Shannon Joyce Barcelo School Address: She presented lots of scenarios that are very common to each learners and according to their level of thinking.

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How was the value lesson developed? Or it was it in the two or three domains? An integrated approach is far more better than teaching isolated bits of information 5. Learning is a collaborative process. A question is taken as a request for information, it is simply an inquiry about something. To feel at ease with the presence of the teacher rather than to be afraid, c.


Lessoon the Affective Lesson 1.

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A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. SlideShare Explore Search You.

Hex fs 2 decelopment 3 Education. If answer in 3 above is different, what is your conclusion regarding written lesson objective and actual lesson development? The teacher explains how to play it. Which are proofs that the Resource Teacher promoted convergent thinking?

Throughout the teaching and learning process instruction should be guided by the goals and objectives of the program. She also ask them to describe their choice and present it to the class. Wwith fs 2 episode 4 Education. Your lesson plan must have the parts of a lesson plan. The teacher asked about their field trip.

Another reason is that, one of her lesson objectives is achievable through developmdnt an activity like what she gave after introducing the topic.

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Write them down here. The teacher will call a student as a part of their recitation. Marlyn Barrozo School Address: Grade 9 and 7 Subject Area: Reconstruct your Resource Teachers lesson plan.

Step 3 Accomplish Observation Sheet. Also, if the teacher is very friendly and approachable. Facts, concepts, principle, called Feudalism. Do they really serve as a guiding star? Dawn De Asis School Address: My Learning Activities As I observe a class, I will use the Observation Sheet for a more focused observation then analyze and reflect on my observation with the help of guide questions.


In order to have a meaningful conversation with a child we need to know what the child think can be done in real situation wigh goals and we need to know the procedures that the child believes will make things happen possible strategies. Arrive at an experiential knowledge and understanding of the principles.

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I think the teacher started her lesson that way because of these following reasons; a. Vs2 Learning Portfolio Teachers plays an important role in the teaching — learning process. Divergent What are the planets in the Solar System? SlideShare Explore Search You. Tell the students the objectives of the students lesson; tell them the reason why they need to learn those things. It gives the learners a clearer picture about the topic.

Valuing The teacher asks the students the following questions: I will observe three classes Step 3: