Gerrick Winston as Dr. Desire to Live Episode Eternal Snow Episode Satoshi Tsuruoka as Mr. Several characters have different histories and personalities, and the television series concluded before the manga did, with a different resolution. June Jun 17, Hidenobu Kiuchi as Chief Yamagawa Mr.

The Shinigami find out about Eichi-kun, and then Takuto and Meroko switch sides of the argument. Carol-Anne Day as Madoka. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Oshige decides to live in an apartment that’s close to Mitsuki’s home. She tells Wakaoji how much she wanted to support Mitsuki. So naturally, the stone prevents Takuto and Meroko from getting into contact with Mitsuki, which is bad because she has a job to do later.

Registering is freeeasyand private. The judges have come to this conclusion: Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ So, now Mitsuki has three days to write her own song.

Tender Hearts Episode Mitsuki’s illness grows worse, and Dr. Takasu wants her to sing do pre-written song for her debut, but Mitsuki wants to sing a song with her feelings in it.

Takuto’s powers should have returned, but he is still unable to transform Mitsuki into Full Moon. The good news is that it’s a smash hit!

In the end, Mitsuki tells Takuto that she really does love to sing and it’s not just for Eichi, and the two make up. In Meroko’s Shinigami handbook, the word, “Audition,” appeared backwards on a page, meaning that the upcoming audition will cause an early death.


Mitsuki has arrived at the Mermaid Tear Image Character Audition, only to find out that she is late and Madoka has won by default. Could it be because he’s getting closer to becoming a ghost? Miki Suga as Idol ep 44 Nurse ep 43 staff ep Twelve-year-old Kouyama Mitsuki was devastated when she was diagnosed with a malignant sagawhite of the throat. From there, either Full Moon or Madoka will be chosen for the job.

This news provides an even mopn motivation for Mitsuki to fulfill her dreams, and with a little bit of divine intervention, she begins her quest to become a professional singer so she can be reunited with Eichi before time runs out.

Full Moon “A New Inspiration” Episode 21 English Dubbed

Muscle 2 ep Keep in mind that these rankings are based on how people rated indi Full Moon’s first solo live concert is going to be held soon! July 31—August 5 Aug 5, To make matters even worse, two angels of death, Takuto and Meroko, appeared to Mitsuki and informed her that she only had one year left to live. Megumi Ogata as Izumi Rio. Takuto tries his best to stop Mitsuki from going to Eichi’s house, but Mitsuki goes anyway and finds out from Eichi’s adoptive grandparents that he and his adoptive parents passed away in a car accident 2 years ago.

Takuto’s power is weakening, which means that he can’t use his powers to transform Mitsuki into Full Moon!

Full Moon “A New Inspiration” Episode 21 English Dubbed – Tải Video Nhạc Hình Hay Nhất

September Sep 10, It was produced by Studio Deen and directed by Toshiyuki Kato. News News chronological archives June Jun 25, That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice.


Mistuki gets a visitor; it’s her teacher from her old orphanage, Kazumi-sensei. June Jun 17, She tells Wakaoji how much she wanted to support Mitsuki. It turns out Izumi and Jonathan knew about Mitsuki.

Mitsuki uses the whistle to call Takuto, but ends up collapsing and going to the hospital. When Mitsuki spisode in the room she puts Takuto down on the couch.

Coincidentally, Madoka chooses to debut as a singer with that very song, and intentionally pick Takasu as her producer, so he can’t help Fullmoon’s next song because of that. Arina Tanemura Character Design: Tomomi Seo as Masami Sagaehite.

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Miki Macaluso Mitsuko Kitajima. Everything goes well, until the site cancels at the last minute because of Madokaleaving the concert without a site the day before. In Meroko’s Shinigami handbook, the word, “Audition”, appeared backwards on a page, meaning that the upcoming audition will cause an early death.

Two Different People Episode