Romeo April 17, at 4: Kekkei Touta is only possessed currently by one ninja so obviously only a few would know about it, ten-tails is from ancient history and only the ones who could read the message of the Sage of the Six Paths wich requires the extremely rare dojutsu rinnegan to read it completely would know about it, Izanami was stated as a forbidden jutsu so probably only the Uchiha clan itself would know about that. Kubo has done great to make episodes! Not as epic as the previous ep, but still pretty epic, and nowhere near as epic as it’s gonna become. Plus fans will beg for a movie to be released a lot like what happened with Full Metal Alchmist and Hayate the combat butler. But look at what Ichigo said!!!! Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

You didn’t know that? Then got myself reading the manga then i was just hooked on it. Until that time comes I will wait in anticipation and continue reading an absolutely superb story Like Like. I heard the manga artist made a public announcement somewhere saying he was not satisfied with the work of Bleach and will be taking a long break until he can save it. Humorously, we won’t see Edward again for a few episodes. Right after madara told em , Izanami? IchigoNut April 5, at 5:

Arguably, the fights in the current one piece episodes are more epic than the fights in bleach. Agree with what you said, the manga is where all the actions at!! So it will come back, just believe! So please stop over-analyzing it without facts. Notify me of new posts via email. The anime may seem over but the manga isnt yet! Sunite June 30, at 4: They might as well replace all the cool animes with teletubbies. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I hope it does too!


Its been five days and I am still pissed off about this cancellation. Maybe it’s a filler?

Negima Magister Negi Magi It is subbed though, obviously. Going to have to find it subbed online.

Anime’s on Netflix?

Im just glad i was able to growup watching this shit…i know when i have kids one day hopefully soon im going to start them on Bleach, Street fighter, and Samurai Champloo…Bleach is the best show i think ill ever watch. Most likely the final arc is going to be animated as a movie. How pathetic can people be here! Was that from the first episode, youll get hooked to it. If you love the anime, you should vub out the manga!

Well its a good thing to have a good laugh for a change. Dee Dee May 14, at 1: If u are so mature u should watch Aki Sora and Yosuga no Sora. Death Note and Code Geass appeals to many newcomers.

This was a complete shocker!!!!!!!!! Personally it went up during the Aizen arc and the the final getsuga tensho and the mugetsu was amazing!! However with OP it goes over that boundary. It was so good fkllmetal whole family got into the show, including my girlfriend, and they are not big on animes. Inuyasha ended in ! Sunite April 4, at 1: Sunite April 28, at 1: What I find to be completely uncalled for is your horrible grasp on english, or at least typing in it… Like Like.

What episode of Fullmetal Alchemist (not Brotherhood) does Maes punch Roy? | Yahoo Answers

I want bleach to come back in the snimeratio becuase its so good i want to see the new fight and hes new sword in real action idk y the shut it down but i miss this show come on bleach we miss you.


Bleach is what got me into Anime! Vic is actually doing snimeratio better job in this episode. Sunite March 29, at 6: You are commenting using your WordPress. There were too many plot holes left so it had to continue. I’m kind of pathetic, actually. Big shits going down next week ;D. Code Geass Death Note psychology, giant mecha and a whole ton of politics. I want Bleach to go on forever and ever.

Bleach Anime will be Back! Frankly Bleach fillers tend to drag and the characters dbu get old quick without something to hit with their swords and spells. Personally for some one getting into anime that is new, i would say stuff like FMA, naruto, bleach, shonens tend to always grab new anime fans pretty quickly and since they are appropriate for his age and centered towards alcuemist teens, its the perfect way to get hooked. Guys me and a friend of mine were chatting on facebook about this and we came up with some pretty descent ideas.