This event is a must for Lastly, what effect has going to prison had on your music? But in Reggae and Dancehall it usually works the other way around with producers paying artists to record. Everyone wants to know what the wild white boy will say. The club was transformed into a Greek temple with Greek servers decked out as Ancient Greek gods and goddesses, and guests mingled with I feel that most of the kids that are doing something bad are doing it because of what they see not because someone said to go and do it.

The only similarity is that we are white. That was a very next important technique that I learnt. It is a comedy mixtape. Which producers influenced you? How about re-uniting The Color Changing Click and putting out an album; is that a possibility? This is really just what I know. Yes, but were people relating to it?

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P’s flow was probably the best I’d ever heard it! Maybe the concept comes from me but it has to sound like something that they would do, but different enough. Your Facebook friends grew by nearly a thousand in the days after the show. Maleek Berry Legendury Beatz 3: I hope the Government can hear [read] this and know that we need to come to England funhousf replenish the Earth.

From a UK perspective, he never really followed up the funouse of Step Out. The album is titled R.

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You may be able to match the name to the face and recite one of his famous jokes but hardly anyone knows the man and mind behind the jokes and Colgate smiles. Kevin J Comedian MySpace: But yet still, each individual member of the group has different types of music that influences them and different types they would like to do.


Legendury Beatz Tekno 3: I would give them something that they are known for. The third night was the Curefest in the second stadium; the stadium they built in Trelawney for the Cricket World Cup.

If you haven’t seen the clash, you don’t have to “log on pon YouTube watch di damn flim” here it is.

When I came off stage I remember Kojo had this smile, he looked proud of me. Yeah, that was fun, especially because that was the first CD I bought, and he was so inspirational with me getting into Hip-hop, so that was really cool. If I could spit, I would freestyle over this beat for my mixtape.

Available to purchase today:. This event is a must for What is about your writing skills that caught the attention kojk Polow Da Don and all these big artists?

It is my song, my production and my label. The good old British weather didn’t stop a whopping 75, people making their way to the stadium to see some of music’s biggest names hit Spellz Tiwa Savage 3: I had missed out on the Real McCoy and all the other stuff, so I think when my generation of comedians came in we had to do more. Here are a few examples of tunes consuming my ears rytchaboutnow. Both of my parents were in prison from the age of 5. We are trying to heal the people with music.


DJ Brooke Bailey ft. CKay X Yung6ix X Pappy Kojo – Enter Club –

This is really just what I know. Lastly, what effect has going to prison had on your music? The case was surrounded by controversy; a guilty verdict in a non-jury court and being sentenced to serve 15 years in prison based on the victim claiming he sounded like one of the perpetrators.

How did you enjoy presenting? Some singles in the scene amongst juggling riddims. Godly is based in Kjoo, eastern Switzerland, where the surrounding mountains heavily influence his What was the reason behind that? Find the source of life that creates the goodness, because the good in life is the God in life.

Rap heavyweight Twista will make his long-awaited return to the UK this year as he performs at the Jazz Cafe in Camden.

So at this point its about going for the gusto. Do you feel mainstream neglects black comedy?