The best Futurama episodes. Grab my feet and dunk my head in so I can drink! Slurms McKenzie, exhausted from his years of partying, arrives and sacrifices himself to save Fry, Leela, his two super models, and Bender. I’m glad to read the recipe and find that this Slurm recipe is much more palatable than the actual slurm. Leela dives in to save him, and Bender joins them because “Everybody else was doing it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Crazy Credits Opening caption: Season 1 episode Broadcast season 2 episode. Fry resolves to find the bottlecap by drinking massive quantities of Slurm. When they escape, the Slurm Queen yells that the company is ruined by the discovery of the secret. Each set includes three figures: Your email address will not be published. Fry is allowed to go free after being force-fed a taste of concentrated Super-Slurm, which is so addictive he can’t stop eating it, even to save his friends. Still eating, Fry doesn’t know whether to continue or to save his friends.

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Fry and the Slurm Factory

So when my food blogger friend Matt slum Nomageddoncame up with the idea for a recipe post inspired by one of our favourite cartoons for ToonFoodI had an idea right away. The Slurm Queen can also produce Royal Slurmwhich, if eaten, turns a larval worm into a queen. My favourite TV Episodes. They manage to escape, but are pursued by the Slurm Queen.


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They look inside hundreds of cans throughout the city. Full Cast and Crew. Archived from the original on Instructions Cut out the labels and stick them on 4 fturama, dry glass bottles using regular glue. It guest-stars Episkde Anderson as Dixie. Pamela Anderson guest stars as the voice of one of the Slurm party girls. Season 2 Episode 4. You just used up today’s bathroom break! Can you guess what they are?

Kids will love the bright green shade and the sweet and tart ginger limeade, or spike it with some vodka for the adults. Fry settles in to relax with a Slurm and chokes on the winning bottle cap. Food and drinks Products.

A Slurmie award 6ACV Frydrinking a lot of cans of Slurmand Bender episide watching All My Circuitswhen a commercial for Slurm comes on. Previous Futurama Friday posts are: Fry and the Slurm Episoe 14 Nov Calculon voice Phil LaMarr The Professor is able to find out what is causing Bender’s high fever; he reveals a watch that belongs to Amy Wong caught in one of Bender’s cogs.

Homemade Slurm drink from Futurama

Slurm has been around at least since the swhen it was advertised as Slurm Medicinal Tonic. Episoe gets on a boat and they see a mysterious door at the middle of the tour, which leads them to begin asking questions about the secret ingredient of Slurm. You couldn’t afford it, honey! July 19, James Kelly Food 3. Hey, bite my shiny metal ass!


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In IGN listed this episode as number three in their list of the top episoed Futurama episodes, also stating that this episode was the “most memorable” of the series. Pour into a jug and then mix in chilled vodka and chilled club soda.

Odds of winning mathematically insignificant. The three are sucked into a whirlpool and deposited in a cave under enrgy factory. But, Your Highness, she’s a commoner. The Simpsons shorts – “Making Faces”.

Futurama season 1 List of Futurama episodes. Remember the Duff Beer Energy Drink we posted last week? Geeks need energy for long hours of programming, video game playing, or Sci-Fi movie energt watching. Top 20 Futurama Episodes.

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