He snaps a pic of the two wearing bathrobes and threatens to send it to Mrs. This revelation will hurt Conrad’s campaign, giving Ashley the chance she needs to start getting closer to Conrad while really working with Jack. His parents don’t want this for him and sabotage that path, steering him to Grayson Global. Victoria’s mother, Marion, wants to have Thanksgiving with Victoria, Conrad, Daniel and her soon to be husband. Conrad pays off Charlotte’s doctor to keep her in rehab, so he can access her inheritance money to save Grayson Global. She goes to answer it and it is Patrick. After saying he won’t help Jack with his legal issues, Conrad agrees to help in order to improve his public name as he is considering running for public office.

Myra Turley as Sister Rebecca Gallagher. Emily continues to try to make amends with Jack but he’s resistant. Emily makes it out, but Amanda gets hurt in the explosion. Malcolm Blacks’ appearance complicates life in the Hamptons. Daniel gets excited by the idea and asks Conrad to withdraw his trust fund from the Amanda Clarke Foundation. After the success of Conrad’s plan to gain Charlotte’s inheritance to help Grayson Global, Victoria has no choice but to let him know she is alive. Daniel shows up at Emily’s house where he finds Aiden. Meanwhile, Emily meets Aiden while on a mission for Takeda.

The guy took one peek at The Stowaway and realized that the Amanda Clarke who lived there never saw a penny of the money Nolan allegedly put away for her. Ben Bode as Dean Todd Walton. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them both, David Clarke plans his next move. Amanda stays behind and sends the raft out with Jack inside so he’ll be safe.


Kara, Emily’s mother, arrives in the Grayson home and Victoria asks her to stay a few days. Padma and her father have been killed that day.

Jack grows more deeply attached to his new family, and contemplates selling the Stowaway. While it may be a little cheesy and trashy at times, Revenge’s second season is incredibly entertaining and fun to watch.

episod An hour long recap show of the first season called “The First Chapter” was shown the week before seaspn premiere on September 26, at 9: Nolan hires Marco back saying he will find a place for him. Conrad sends Jack a message from Ashley’s phone, telling him that he found Emily’s computer that contains incriminating information on the Graysons, and where it is — Grayson Global. Of course, Aiden and Emily witness the exchange via security camera, so their next move?

Ex On The Beach | Season 1 | Episode 1 | MTV

Brian Goodman as Carl Porter. I wasn’t expecting an actual firing squad. Charlotte reveals to her family that she’s changing her last name from Grayson to Clarke. When that fails, she slips him information about Stonehaven United, a business Daniel intends on buying, because she knows that is the Initiative’s plan for Daniel and she is scared for him.

Retrieved April 30, Emily meets up with Mason and manages fztvsefies convince him to strike a deal with her.

And did you, too, find it weird that Aiden kept standing behind Emily and whispering in her ear all episode? Emily continues to be strong, heroic, beautiful Declan also tells Jack that Charlotte is pregnant with his baby.

Emily Alyn Lind as Young Amanda. Victoria’s future hangs in the balance as the FBI closes in and a mysterious new enemy strikes.

He had become a member of a private group of businesspeople who profited from these attacks, all for the sake of his own fortunes and family. Gemma Massot as Colleen.



Conrad Grayson Ashley Madekwe Emily decides to come clean to Daniel, admitting that Victoria asked her to get close to Daniel again. Picking up several months after the Season 1 finale, Emily Thorne renews her quest for revenge against those who setup up and betrayed her father, and comes to discover that the conspiracy reaches beyond the Grayson family; meanwhile Nolan’s company come under attack in an attempt to gain control of a secret virus program that could be used as a weapon.

Bruno Amato as Fred Harris. The heartbreaking death of his brother leaves Jack frantic and unsure of his own sanity; deciding he has nothing left to lose, he goes to Grayson Manor and steals a gun. Jack comes back to find Nolan sitting in Declan’s room with an empty bed. As Emily plans to host her most surprising party ever, Victoria finds a way to turn her greatest setback into a dangerous advantage.

Money Heist

What would you like to see happen when the Hamptonites return from the break? The heart of the show remains the same, and is even growing stronger as seasno episodes tick along. When an old friend of Jack and Declan’s father turns up for baby Carl’s christening, the true nature of the Ryan brothers is brutally revealed.

Sherri Saum as Donna Carlisle.