In the beginning, we can see the little girl Lynne is a normal, pampered girl in her house. Watch now 2 days left. Why does not Lynne and Elisa’s father tell them the truth? Firstly I thought, why does the father put them together? Ramsay cuts to another set-up: In these lists Directed by Women:

Dad tries to console, but is barely effective. Lesley N Super Reviewer. User Reviews This is fairly serious 9 July by goto-kazoku-4 — See all my reviews. However when the other girl said her father is hers and sits on his lap, her sense of superiority is broken. But still the father takes them to the party. The girls fight was so realistic, I even felt tremor and also was able to think of the feeling of children who have divorced parents. One family goes to the Christmas party, and they go back to home.

Gasman is a proper short film – little plot, none of it told explicitly, but a larger story going on around the camera.

Foreplays #2: Lynne Ramsay’s “Gasman”

So, it is strange that he says to Lynne and Elisa “Why can’t you two be pals? Items and objects clue us into this setting as a working class middle to lower?

Audible Download Audio Books. Interesting film k 15 February It is truely run down and though I know this is Scotland by the accents, it could easily be the Pennsylvanian post industrial wasteland I grew up in.

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This scene is very important for this film. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Looking at the scene, Lynne realizes that the girl is not just her friend.

They have beauty the same as you and I do. This movie is only about 14 minutes, but this makes me creepy. The next time we see the family they are walking along an abandoned railway line.


At times the Scottish dialect is quite hard to follow with the sound quality being quite raw. Without them, this tilm couldn’t be like this. Pulling hair and arguing over Daddy. But while Ramsay has long been lauded for her visual storytelling skills, Gasman also displays her prowess as a screenwriter, one who aynopsis restraint over exposition.

She expresses the pure heart of children well. Yes No Report this. This short film shares similarities with the both work of Mike Leigh and social realist ‘kitchen sink’ films of the sixties, in showing a slice of life shott from the lower classes. We then see the two girls dancing with each other; this lends a touch of dramatic irony to the text with the irony being their joy and the fact that they have no idea about their situation.

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Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. These cheerful Christmas songs and the joyous time of year juxtapose with the sound of the family arguing and shouting at one another in the background.

The characters, so gasmxn, and so little seen in the short still have immense believability and completeness. For her, the father is associated with fun and leisure, while the mother—who hurries her and fusses over her appearance—is a figure of dutiful authority.

Captures three occurrences in a young girl’s life that leave her with a heavy heart. Ramsay has an amazing ability to transport us agsman another world. Here we are introduced to her unique way of viewing the world from the very beginning. The railroad tracks intensely reflect the artificial light as one trio moves closer to the camera and the other trio advances into the background. For a better experience on MUBI, update your browser.


And from the girls the remarks the daughter notices she is not the only daughter of her father. Never once do we see a face. Then, when daughter 2 decides to sit on daddy’s lap, our girl becomes territorial. Tilda Swinton, John C. The landscape is vast and littered with shapes of buildings in the background and train yards in the foreground.

The sound is transformed into a shapeless rumbling. Final scene is the best. Please login to add a new dilm. Lynne notices that the girl acts all too familiar with her dad. I like the party scene.

Parents must flood them with much affection. Why does not Lynne and Elisa’s father tell them the truth? I have to think what is the most important. DramaSpecial Interest. Now Showing Rentals Feed Notebook. She starts to feel weird and she runs to that girl. It looks like a mirror. They reunite with mother 2 and hand off the doppelgangers. Syhopsis film is about a story couple kids that have a same father. It is interesting how the girl starts to hate her gasmam. The father then interrupts the girls fight, pulling them apart all the while searching for more beer and cigarettes, again raising the issue of neglect.

This movie is easy to understand.