So this man asks, ‘Shalini, any problem? Until the gong rings twelve times.. She could be in love with someone but Shalini said yes. That too when l was present. Shalini called me and.. There’s a different pleasure in it, Shalini. You know, l was scared. You’ve lost yourself to someone roaming about the streets?

Where is mother, dad? There was a song on MTV yesterday. O beloved, enjoy it. Would l believe you if you create all this? Then you’ll come to me.. He was a new boy, must’ve made a mistake. You arrive whenever she slips..

Whatever l told you, add a little more to it and tell her.

You can do what you want. Look at their backs? Don’t misunderstand what l say. Uploaded by KatKamalTv on You should put your drape before you. That’s not so, Sachin. You are in my heart. But a smile obtained by hurting somebody is useless.

We waste half our lives on living for others. Today your trick won’t work. No, how can l think so about you? But you turned out to be so cheap, Sachin. A boy called Sachin has been here since some time.


Hail Gopala, Hail Govinda. Our life is like a bubble. He is my close friend’s son. We can do that after marriage, darling.

The Storm Warriors () (Eng Sub) Part[2/3] – video dailymotion

A damsel doesn’t need a name. Do you have a problem with that? Even if there is an earthquake. People who want to listen hear it out. With that smile, you see me.

You’re crossing your subtiitles these days. Why are you looking at me? Where do l go now? You were in a group photo that was out of focus. You are friends with such nice boys too. How is psychology involved in throwing a ball?

Mother, what were you saying? How did he come here?

The Storm Warriors (2009) (Eng Sub) Part[2/3]

What is your name then? What is this, brother?

Why do you take trouble unnecessarily? From old women who may die soon to 50 year old ladies. May god bless you, dear!