Cathy on September 7, As a regular viewer and fan of the show in its hey-day, which coincided with it being shown on the ABC it was not the ad breaks that have now seen me turn it off every episode and I’m not going back , rather it was the ridiculously cruel humor, the non-creative story lines, the incessant brand names, the non-interaction between the characters where previously there had been plenty. Colleen Finn Dash Mihok I’m getting pretty certain though that Channel Nein are annoyed that the content of the show is ruining all the opportunities for the commercial breaks. Don’t they have clocks? I’ve become very discerning! His argument that if he is in a bad mood at the start of his radio show that it goes for whole programme is lame – how old are you?

I am finding it rather strange to be filmed everytime I walk through the fence I work in the north of the CBD and come via the Quay – both yesterday and today cameras have been there – plus I have never seen so many police lingering near buildings.. David Wahroonga on September 3, 6: Cat on September 7, 9: The ABC got Dr Who reached new levels of delight on Saturday. Say what you like, but next time, could you please spell definitely correctly? Idea behind it is to convince Tennant to stay on in the role by giving him time off to pursue other opportunities. The patient sketch is much shorter.

Greg on September 3, Quoth Caligrossification on September 4, Karen on September 3, 1: Now on to the pertinent issues – for those who have pondered why some of us who call Channel 10 – Ch SHirl McEnroe it comes from their catch phrase “seriously”.

Well I’ve watched all stations except Nein this week. This Sydney Morning Herald service has no idea. Nine had no trouble averaging the biggest audience in Sydney Mia on September 4, Tribal Mind asks Would you mind just providing a reminder for new readers: The sentimental drama is ‘inspired by the work of medium James Van Praagh.


They seemed to be doing well with 2 year old That 70’s Show double episodes at 7. I am hoping that viewers will suddenly discover it, and realise there is more to life than watching TV. I reckon Kath and Kim jumped the shark last night. See below for how the ABC announced last night’s results.

And it still hadn’t started. Last night’s episode of ‘My Name Is Earl’ was episode 20 of season 2 it featured a recap of episode pokly at the beginning to set up what followed. And why is that 1 vs crap still on anyway?

No Safe Place

I think Denton is as good as his subject – with someone as moronic as Kyle, it takes a more aggressive approach to get anything of substance out of him. Cathy on September 4, Sacs on September 3, 4: John Gray creatorJeannine Renshaw.

Beckala on September 6, 5: Hey David, just wondering how the Steve Irwin show on Monday night rated as haven’t seen whiseprer heard anything of it in the blogs.

Considered by some to be lame and not entirely accurate see below. Anyway, enough of my whispeter, but I just had to say it. Newlywed Melinda Gordon tries to help the dead communicate with loved ones, ‘but sometimes the messages she receives are intense and confusing. The show is not what it was. Honestly, there are more breaks in there than I can stomach, and end up turning off after the first 17 breaks.

Why did Sydney have to lose to Collingwood?

The ratings race: Week 36

Has the world gone topsy-turvey?? On another topic, I heard the reason that Who Wants to be a Millionaire was returning was so that Nine would honour their contract to shreaming it. Updated 6pm Sunday Channel Ten proudly announced last week that it had joined with Foxtel in providing a digital program guide, so subscribers could record Ten’s shows simply by reading the program name on the screen and pressing a button on the remote.


The only reason Better Homes and TT were so low last night was because neither were shown in Perth because the footy was live from 6.

Karen on September 6, Describe an “ABC viewer”. But this morning’s news was so exciting, they could not contain themselves, and sent out this release do we think this is appropriate behaviour for the national broadcaster? Cat on September 8, 7: Chris Lilley has just nailed it with this show.

Detective David Campbell Joseph C. J Bar on September 4, Aaron on September 7, 3: I shall never look at a whispeeer the same way again!

Ghost Whisperer – S2 E12 – Dead to Rights – video dailymotion

Why would anyone watch it? The new series isn’t up to the standard of previous outings, the jokes have got very flat, and I don’t enjoy ads breaking up the continuity. Sorry to keep pestering you about this graveyard shift show. If you want revolting with style, that’s where you should take your lessons from.

It’s the kind of “documentary” style program that I whisperet.

Lilley may be attracting an audience who normally would not be seen dead watching a network without commercials. I remember a time not so very long ago when I knew when all my shows would be shown and I didn’t have to check the guide EVERY DAY to make sure that they hadn’t been dropped or moved to some other whispeder and time.

There whispfrer been no miracle recovery. My turn to rant It will be followed by “Standoff” No horses this time but there is a cannon that only fires water.