This article needs additional citations for verification. I hope you don’t mind me quoting a part of your summary in my post in soompi. Hotel King MBC Hwa-young tells the Empress that she is not going to stand by and watch stuff like this happen ever again, raising the conflict between her and the Empress. However, another competitor arrives at the court: For my last point for this series, they could have made the royal wedding a lil bit more flambouyant than having it just in bears haha. That woman seems to have a vengeance agst soon-yi.

Dramabeans Color of Woman Channel A Five Fingers SBS Hoo is unsettled at seeing her, and when he goes back to his office, he wonders to Han Sung Gung: Of course, it’s also colored by the fact that it’s been a while since I saw Goong. White Christmas KBS Hometown Legends KBS My only wish is that the show put some of the awesomeness the last few episodes had into the beginning of the series.

Goong S/Prince Hours: Episode 1 – 4 | my asian drama addiction

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Now that I have read ur transalation, I feel better. Retrieved October 9, And the end, in case you were worried, is happy enough for me!

Awesome, thanks for recapping. Do you know why?! It’s so difficult finding things on Goong S ever since they enforced those rules.


Well, I finished recapping Moorim School — it had a low viewership, but I am big on following through when I start a drama recap. Yet, having watched Goong S now, I think it even surpassed the original in several ways – better decap loved the court ladie’s uniforms and thank God, no pink jackets on the men – my eyes popped at Shin’s fancy-dandy duds in Goong but I loved the quieter, understated elegance recaap the prince’s suits in Goong S – that, to me, was more like how royalty would dress.

Thanks for the suggestion. Bad Guys OCN I read the first few recaps on your blog, and now I can marathon-read the rest.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. If Hoo and Soon-yi didn’t end up together, I would have had to hurt something. Episodes epksode LollyPip. If we had, I might actually care about him as a character.

Goddess of War SBS Will it Snow for Christmas? Yool tells Chae-kyeong, who is feeling miserable at hearing that Hyo-rin and Shin had once promised to go abroad and study together, how he feels about her. That woman seems to have a vengeance agst soon-yi. Hometown Legends KBS References need to be formatted wpisode Please help improve this article if you can. Forgive my vagueness, but I started tuning out as soon as I realized we were back to lame challenges. Soon-yi takes off her necklace….


I didn’t mind the length, I always like details. I hope it ends next week with a massive display of loving. But after meeting you, that changed little by little.

You know it too. She was always the stiff Sang Gung who used to always tell him personal feelings should stay out of things. Hyo-jang coldly tells him he must get his act together in gong of the royals when they name him Hwang Taeja. But at least they had resolutions.

He needs someone who can support him, not just a palace maid. People tend to blame his fanbase for supporting the drama ie.


This site uses cookies. So it was interesting to read one of the posts here that Seven was rumoured to be dating Gu Hye Sun! Nothing will change because of me being Hwang Taeja. Surplus Princess tvN