Kitzeekat April 16, at Men I cried in the last ep but it was funny when it is hope to see season 2 to it with the same character. That, or simply suspend belief He’s not someone who beats people up first and then asks questions later. She haven’t really have deeper emotional viability to react in such a scene. He and Tae-seo exchange the cutest smiles and he apologizes for being late.

She does admit, though, that it was thanks to Kang-chi that she lived. Suzy is pretty good IMO.. Seunggi and Lee Yoobi yes. Typically the comment tag isn’t because they are particularly interested in replying to the original comment. He’s playing a different character here than the restrained King in K2H who must not show his fear and tears to people. He’s not blowing off the danger KC is in because he thinks he can get out of it himself. And of course, I’m totally waiting for Gon and Kangchi to go from that rival-acquaintanceship-frenemy stage to rivals-but-best-buddies stage

Kang Chi and Yeo Wool: Yeo Wool looks startled.

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But it seemed as if Lord Park was trying to stop the guy from slaying KC rather than take the blow. YW is more interesting to me than CJ. The writer really taken us by suprise. It opens the door for the episoce of puppy-ho’s father. He demands the money from them. Ivoire April 16, at 9: While you have your opinions that you want to share with the rest, they have theirs also and theirs are also just as important.

Recap: Gu Family Book Episode 4 [Complete]

I would appreciate that: I think Seunggi is doing a fine job. It would be excellent if there is an english subtitle. This site uses cookies.

YW and KC watch as the single ninja that there were chasing multiplies into at least three dozen more. Other than that, I enjoy the comments able to digest them well. Gonna read it now! She’s better these last couple of episodes, but still far from pulling her weight the way the rest of the cast – even minor characters like Tae-seo, Gon and Chung-jo are bettter played.


Ivoire April 23, at 6: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: LOL, True, I just cannot root for her Iam trying and her wacking him on his head all the time is annoying.

I mean she is bad but not AS bad lol! I might be back later with more comments He seems to be easily moving from being the mischievous little puppy to the sad, lovelorn low-born.

Your question Joonniat the end of your commentary is a good one. I just wanted to quickly thank you for your comments and let you know that I appreciate them. Yeo-wool stomps off still shaken, and finishes her flashback: Though I am kind of enjoying the pseudo-bromance-going-into-romance between Kangchi and Yeowool.

We had lots of fun spazzing over his body parts then, didn’t we? KC doesn’t shrink away from a fight, however, I see him trying to have some restraint and possibly at times, given the opportunity walking away from a fight. I am glad the ratings increased and hope it stays that way.

Gu Family Book Episode 4 Recap

Just found this site while googling about GFB eps. Yeah, but then that would expose Kang-chi to people who might not understand his nature.

I think the monk’s main concern is for KC to be raised as a human and live as one for 20 years. Twitter Facebook Tumblr Edprama Google. Kang Chi calls for guards as more and more assassins material out of thin air right before them until they are completed surrounded.

Evil bad guy is reaching the limits of evil It’s not seunggi’s fault, but the character is written so that seunggi doesn’t have to do much to nail the character because its how his persona is perceived by the public, especially after 1n2d. Eprama can disagree with it. This site uses cookies.


And maybe to add to the climax of the storyline, JGW can appear again as another villain as the wanted person by the special agents team. PeepsLeAwesomePotato April 17, at 2: But then he gets distracted on his super secret mission when he finds that thug epdraa ripped them off for 50 nyang the other day, extorting street vendors for more money. Misty April 22, at 8: When he suddenly appeared at the inn! I fall for kang chi at the moment he appear at my screen, and Seung Gi, you learn act well, he gives a nuance of a young, and innocent boy Even though I may be insignificant, I too have true feelings.

KC is so shocked, all he can do is stare eprama with his arms hanging limp. Taecyeon has abs and good marketing, and without that hes just another band nerd from Boston. But I guess they do have to get the plot moving along since we aren’t even to the main story of the drama yet.

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And thanks for getting the recap up so quickly. Just curious about her acting being judged as an epdgama or in comparison to how she was from previous appearances. Do you know me by any chance?