This thread here contains a bunch of other recommendations of various genres so you may find some more in there. Something about the overly dramatic music and “action” sequences where the character is furiously writing in a notebook made me laugh every time. Or one of Japan’s islands? It always gives me a good laugh: Ok, answer to why Inori’s singing was healing people, because actually there is some part of the truth from reality, like scientifically – all kinds of sounds, meaning frequencies, have all kinds of effects on human brains. In the past episodes, it seemed that singing didn’t play a major role like in Macross but in this episode, we see that Inori’s song has the power to heal. About time the plot is actually going somewhere. Reminds me of Pokemon.

Particles saving people from disease and what else , it’s Gundam 00 all over again. If you can’t get what you want, then come with me Fyuneru is able to drive? It was pretty good, but it’s hard to understand the plot with only 1 episode. Guilty Crown may have been a huge let down, but I would absolutely love to see more of the content presented in Lost Christmas. It’s been bothering me for a while. Btw has Draconis taken some “foum vacations”? BBCode Modified by tsubasalover, Dec 23, 5:

Robotech is just Macross with an different script dubbed over the top of the original but avoid it. Better than the sequel. He most likely blames the bitch for giving out sex to her father and so he missed Daryl’s birthday.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I guess claiming the throne I was surprised that in the spoiler he also killed his father that badly. Last edited by mmocca70da3; at Both classic and bleak. Senen must have good action and a lot of epic animeulgima without particular sense.


Where the hell did you see this!?

And Im sad that Gai seems to be dead or dying at this episode. Btw has Draconis taken some “foum vacations”? LOL, when you thought this show can’t be more stupid. Pretty interesting sci fi series, with light use of mecha but not too much to deter me not a fan of “pure” mecha animes. Perhaps he is with Mana?

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Great animation, story, and voice acting. I’m a she, by the way.

Shu used the big chest girl to demonstrate the power and tell the truth in front of his friends. BBCode Modified by tsubasalover, Dec 23, 5: BBCode I have my own anime blog. Shu meet Evil Shu!

But these 15 mins were interesting. But Inori continues to annoy me whatever almighty powers she might possess: Does have some more comedic elements, but is a very serious and at times dark series at it’s core. Her void episoee rolling thing that cures the robot. Sucks its over though. But anyway to summarizeif you want something with a dark theme watch death note.

Where can I watch Guilty Crown?

I was so right! I think best word to describe this is: At least i was wrong and hare didn’t die, she got a useful void there. Not bad guiltg too short. They are updated and way better imo. Usually there shall be an aftermath and crodn down, which I assume is the recap itself, in preparation for the second half.


Shu “woked up” and used announcement to call friends for help so he can use the power to save Gai and Inori. He does have a twisted mind after all. Death note is not based in out space or even the future but none the less is absolutely fantastic. Play League of Legends here!

Also, if you watch some series you enjoy, you can go to myanimelist. Well going from “Dark undertones, croan themes. Alright I really liked this Episode the plot is finally moving forward. So wait, this was the most of Tsugumi we’ve ever gotten, what now?

I thought this would be so much better Who chooses these crazy people for leader positions, and why do they always have some kink with some random topic? Dat Segai still as awesome as ever! Think about it as an example. It will get you good feel for studio ghibli.

Man I’m really interested with this story now. It was good and gets you interested in the game. I had a feeling that Gai would die but who knows, maybe he will return. Animeuultima make a real series.

I wonder if this thing is a prequel? The Kanto Region is the biggest region within Japan Guiltg think I’m starting to love GC more and more. Reminds me of Pokemon.