Mai asks Sudha to have dinner, Sudha says she must wait for Chandar. Indias Andaman and Nicobar Islands share a border with Thailand. Chandar says, to feed the birds. There is a bomb blast near them, both roll down the snow. Chandar holds him, he says that he has done nothing, but today he has to teach someone. Shukla asks Chandar to hand a letter to his old student Pammi and gives her address to him. The boys brought Chandar to university hooting and shouting about the victory of Chandar. Bisurya asks Thakkur that he is thinking his book’s name as Sudhashala.

He asks Sudha to go as well. Sudha asks her name, she introduces her and cheers to know she is Pammi. Chandar takes her cigarette and throws it out. They both laugh saying her shoe has broken. On the boat, Binti and Sudha feels excited. Chandar says may be the heart of sky is melting. She requests Chandar to save her, Chandar says that it is just for once.

Sudha gives it to Pammi. Bisarya was telling romantic poetry to a group of young men. There was lighting decorations on the house, the wedding was taking place.

Gunahon Ka Devta[ Episode 2]- 21st September pt1 by upbulk5 8 years ago 5. She says she was thinking about joining the party in a year or so. Shukla and Chandar sit for a while where Mr. Sudha smiles and sits on the chair, as Chandar massages her head. She says if he will take enmity with her Chandar? At home, Sudha played radio. Thakkur leaves, Chandar goes out towards Sudha and opens the library door.


She says that everything that happens is for a reason, if they have meet, there must be some plan of life behind it. Sudha asks about Akhtar, Geesu says he is fine but now comes home less and in dreams more. Vasudev confronts Siddharth and Akhil.

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Chandar straightens up, stands and says poems are elisode keep one awake when she requests him a poem. The show will bear a new title, going by the name, on the show Rakhi will be hearing and solving out some bizarre cases of a particular celebrity and a common man. Sudha says she has cooked herself today, it takes much hardwork.

Chandar and Pammi come to the show and fine a place for themselves to sit. The gnuahon says he has sent a car for him, he has already left.

Sudha asks what happened, why he is upset. Pammi says this beautiful weather, this beautiful voice of song and this beautiful companion. Dharamraj is still in love with his dead wife Subhadra, who has him with 5 children, Hiten. Sudha says she will try to come, now if her husband will allow she will come for sure.

Chandar goes with administrator. Shukla says there was such a big problem, she alone has been courageous and he must also be with her. Chandar asks why she wanted to separate from her husband. She tells her to cook for her father today. Sudha’s papa arrive, he gives the lady sweet box saying his Chandar is coming after winning a trophy.


Pammi looks at Chandar, he looks at Pammi. Shukla says to Chandar that Sudha has grown up now. He says Sudha had also been waiting for him, and asks how Sudha is.

Shukla says he was just trying to search his mind about the wedding.

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Chandar and Binti bring Sudha downstairs. They enjoy feeding them and their flight. Shukla says yes he did. They walk along the tents. Shukla feels disgusting watching an old man eating sweets with both hands.

Sudha tells her Papa not to concentrate on her teacher’s words.

Sudha runs to him from behind, stops him and smiles. The leading newspaper Indian Express reviewed the show by thrashing, huge waste of time and effort, ours that is, deccan Chronicle reviewed it by calling it A Show that Rejects Talents.

Shukla’s opinion about Kailash. Bisurya asks for water, Sudha goes to bring water and he changes his seat again. Karthika Deepam written update, February 19, Devta Complete Story Telepathy Episode 61 6 months ago. She says she liked the right with which he came into her tent. Sudha says Papa was also not there, they would have scolded her.