Please specify your e-mail address before making an inquiry. Directions for sharing account punishment According to Gunbound poll, we recognize that Gunbound user can get sharers. Players are assigned to opposing teams that take turns firing at their opponents with their “mobiles”. There may be sudden decisions to do a emergency patches from time to time. Any disadvantage you may receive from doing this will not be reimbursed. Gunbound GunBound is similar to the turn-based Worms game series.

To recover sold items, we take away the money you received for selling the item and recover the item back into your account. Management of Postings Without prior notice, the company has right to delete, move or refuse any of postings that apply to the following; 1 Insult other users or third parties as defamation. Se eu mostrasse o gunbound hoje para meu sobrinho por exemplo, seja o WC, seja o season 3, nao o agradaria. Or IDs or Guild titles that may suggest this in any way. Customer Duty and Right 1 By using the Gunbound service, you are agreeing to all the policies we have stated, and those who violate any of these policies will be punished accordingly. Ol Pessoal agora estou disponibilizando para vocs um timo Aimbot para gunbound season 3 com o novo mtodo de funcionamento.

The Best Gunbound Aimbot.

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Para o aimbot funfar vc tem que deixar o jogo na interface old Va em configuraes um martelinho no canto inferior direito e em uma das. O gunbound nunca mais sera o jogo que voce precisava brigar pra conseguir entrar nos servidores, nunca mais sera o jogo que tem milhares de jogadores, talvez esse seja um dos muitos motivos da negligencia que sofremos. We do not accept consultations through the game, messengers, telephone, or visits.

GM cannot alter the user’s personal information or any other general information unless it is critical situation. Ol Pessoal agora estou disponibilizando para vocs um timo Aimbot para gunbound season 3 com o novo mtodo de funcionamento.

E infelizmente nunca mais sera o mesmo, esse povo da Softnyx conseguiu estragar um jogo maravilhoso. All brands, logos, and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Display the console window, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


When accident occurs caused by Buy, Exchange account among user. Please protect your home PC from the harmful programs. Create your website today.

Are you a Gunbound fan who stopped playing the game because.

Record of the item sold is erased. The company releases restriction of use on users who has resolved their dispute regarding restriction.

However, the company has right to post or forward the contents if it’s not for a profit. Furthermore, the company may not use postings commercially without any permission. They are most likely to be viruses and spywares to ruin your computer. Send watchinawe an item worth no more, or it wont work, then Wait 3 hours and it will send back those exact items doubled by 2, Reply.

Birthdays cannot be changed and therefore is important evidence in determining the real owner. Third party programs, Bug abusing Policy 1 It is wrong to abuse or send bugs that exist in Gunbound to other users, and it is required to notify the GIS when a bug is found.

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World Champion and Gunbound Classic for you! Users must be above the wooden axe rank with a game play record, so that we can compare the IP csh find the real owner.

Aimbot for all Gunbound’s: Spamming, advertising, seless posts, attacking individuals, spreading rumors or other un- acceptable behaviors are not to be tolerated Such contents are to be deleted without any warning. It is difficult to find real owner. Never type in your account name and password. The customer has the right to use these items until the termination. How to Play and Win at Gunbound. Bound To The Gun A gunbound nice site, videos of me playing gunbound, guides, screenshots, and xash chat to make friends, i will add more guide when i have time: Gunbound GunBound is similar to the turn-based Worms game series.

Never receive a file from people you don’t know. All items reported after 15 days will not be recovered. Items hacked on the same day can be reported one by one but will be gunbouhd as one hacking case.


Hack Aimbot Gunbound – iBot v4. If user reports hacking tool that un-patched and 1st reporter, we will reward with Cash and Gold.

Hacker de tiro perfecto para Gunbound Latino Season 3 []. Please be specific on what you are asking. This certain period of time will be posted on the Gunbound homepage. This can block hackers who try to log into your account with your ID and Password from another computer. O gunbound nunca mais sera o mesmo! In this case the certain users are going to be punished gunbiund disturbing our business. Free Gunbound Private Server!

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The first major beta release was Thor’s Hammer. This Policy is to reduce the amount of user complaints about the service and any other discomfort that can be brought up while providing service.

GunBound is a free-to-play, turn-based, room-to-room, multiplayer online game with many similar features to the popular Worms game series. This site was designed with the. The company deletes IDs that have not connected for a certain period of time. GM may give necessary restrictions to those that misbehave and perform illegal activities.

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If you did receive these files, never open them. Ol Pessoal agora estou disponibilizando para vocs um timo Aimbot para gunbound season 3 com o novo mtodo de funcionamento. Any user who violates this policy will be dealt accordingly.

Category Punishable offense 1st time 2nd time 3rd time Spreading Rumors Misbehaviors Spread malicious rumors about the game or the company. Nuevo hacker hcak aimbot mejorado. Cash users can prove their identity with information such as transaction id’s, approval number, prepaid card number etc so please keep a record of all payment history.