Otherwise, some values may not be available. If the Throat is removed, it must be replaced with a new one. Page 49 Certificates, Cont. Before putting the appliance back in service after work has been performed, turn on the nearest cold water tap until water runs clear. See Mode 1 Setting Chart. Iron Filter and Potassium Feeder Placement.

Find all posts by Akpsdvan. Slowly fill the tank with water up to the bottom of the fill port. You may freely link to this site, and use it for non-commercial use subject to our terms of use. Clean any sediment from the brine cabinet Excess water in brine tank Plugged injector assembly Clean or replace injector. Use care when working with potassium permanganate. The appliance is in regeneration mode and will display the status of each cycle. This groove must be free of defects such as pits or scratches and also free of debris. If less than 10′ of pipe connects the water treatment appliance s to the water heater, install a check valve between the water treatment appliance and the water heater as close to the water heater as possible.

Hague Quality Water Intl WATERMAX 60 SERIES User Manual

Make sure the placement area is clean. Additional treatment is needed to remove this type of iron Colloidal Iron Not dissolved, yet stays in suspension. Potassium permanganate will need to be added periodically to any iron filter.

One side is smooth and the other has a groove for a screwdriver. The Slide Cam is assembled inside of the Piston Slide Use of the blending valve is not recommended where objectionable concentrations of ferrous iron or sediment are present. A bacteriostasis claim does not mean that these devices will make microbiologically unsafe water safe to consume or use. Prolonged operation of a water softener hatue flow rates exceeding the tested service flow rate may compromise performance.


See Setting and Using the Controller. Backwash every 2 days to prevent solidification seroes mineral media. Brine Tank Assembly Figure 9: All other models are not tested or certified by WQA 2 Municipally supplied chlorinated water only. Pull back on the waterma to install the red locking clip behind the collet.

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Your dealer will be happy to explain any additional special features. Route the drain line to a floor drain, laundry tub, or other suitable waste receptor. Clean or replace plugged plumbing.

Weigh the replenishment media. You may use a salt substitute such as potassium chloride in place of water conditioner salt.


All other models are not tested or certified by WQA. The brine tank should have segies in it. There are two openings in the Nozzle plate. Program the appliance controller. Connect the overflow lines to each cabinet. Under the electronic control box there is a motor and a gear on one side and a white disc on the other. Iron—A common problem found in many water supplies is iron.


Care should be taken that the O-Ring seal area is kept clean and free of debris. Displays only when in Modes 1 or 2 Bold numbers pertain to available settings listed under Mode 1 and 2 Service Settings.

Hague Wateemax Water International further warrants that upon receipt from the owner of any other mechanical or electronic parts, which are found to be defective in material or workmanship, Hague will repair or replace the defective parts, at no charge for those parts for 3 YEARS from date of installation; and thereafter will repair or replace the defective parts only upon receipt of payment by the owner of the defective parts of the following percentages of the then current list prices for the parts: Do not overtighten the fill plug.

Are you sure you want to Yes No. An O-Ring seals the Cap and Housing. XX Indicates the back wash flow rate in gpm. If the retainer is not fully engaged, the Flow Control may not function properly.

Find watermaxx posts by Mikeww. The amount of hardness blended back into the water line is determined by the hardness of the incoming water and the setting of the blending valve.