She quietly takes out his office badge and gets entry and finds the footage of Aveek trying to forcefully come close to Nikita. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She says thanks but she already got a job and will start work from tomorrow. I dont understand what ego acid attackers carry when they are rejected by any girl. She speaks of done with him and wants a divorce. Tara gets quiet and looks at the broken music instruments and her earlier words on referring to have a super duper band and also the rehearsals. Arjun goes to Swati and apologizes her citing reasons why he was upset earlier.

She changes her tone and agrees to work if not on crime. Next, Swati comes to them and says that Arjun has taken everything from her, and now she cannot let him damage anymore. She gets a call from her boss and cites her headache as an excuse for her sudden exit. Tomba says that nobody should come from North East and he plans to go back and even suggest her to shift to the University hostel. He speaks in another forum the importance of women in society as they bind the world together. She threatened to him about informing police and only after that he stopped harassing her. They talk more and both speak of having good time at the end of wedding.

Though, his father agrees after a bit persuasion and then the broker formalizes the contract and Sana gets a home. The police checks Tomba identity card and warns them that they will bindqss again if new complain is made and after that leaves. Karan Tacker starts the show by saying we all are equals and cites example of our learning that was taught in our school. She informs Natasha and reaches mall.


Meanwhile, Tara and her friends practice hhalla and is happy with the rehearsals and prepares to participate in the concert. She says he drugged her, and then. They begin to celebrate and sing together.

She introduces herself and tells her to be away from Rajeev as he is very dangerous and can do any worst thing to her. Rohan hugs her to see her back and also offer thanks for forgiving him. She tears the magazine cover with her photos and cries more.

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You have entered an incorrect email address! Avni bids a painful adieu to Neela in Naamkarann. After receiving slap, Guddu becomes physical with her and she runs to escape from him and shouts for help while Tomba is being beaten at the appt, but nobody helps her. Swati tells to doctor that she did not remember anything. The flashback scene comes bnidass with Rajeev telling her to make tea for episodess and sooner he sees a message on her mobile and becomes angry after seeing it.

He touches her and wants to help her and she says not needed and leaves from there while calling him an idiot.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Arjun is now seen outside in the college campus tied down with the words — Rapist written on his body and other students photographs him. Anita, another friend thinks Simran needs to give him a chance. Swati consults a doctor who confirms that she was raped and even the culprit used protection so not to leave evidence to prove rape.


Learn how your comment data is processed. Sanjana while lying on the bed thinks again of the past horrible incident which still haunts her. She says that its actually varun who did all wrong to her.

Moreover, decides to share the appt with Nikita.

He asks her to not worry after knowing her story and how her rock band was created. After hearing this Arjun becomes more annoyed and also some of his friends adds more fuel to his anger.

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Halla Bol 23rd May 2014 13th Episode Bindass Written Update – Fight Air Hostess’ Harassment

She speaks to her mom of missing Rohan and wants to return to her home. Swati discloses to her friends that she cannot do it as Arjun has taken her private photos and video. I feel very very bad. Raghav tells that he will be always with her. The exam results arrive and Arjun tops the class while Swati fails the exam. Later in the evening, the warden has caught some boys and Tara and other girls come to see those boys. Sooner, she encounters Varun who comes close after seeing her in the hotel lobby.

She starts to become tense. You are commenting using your WordPress.