Obviously Izumi could not go to afternoon class So it was noon. Loving every moment of this show! I hope hata finished this trap arc by next chapter. Thank you so much for the new sub! Thx for the subs. By nonski Started October 30,

It just puts a big grin on my face! So we knew episode 6 was going to produce higher ratings. I have to admit This is my first post in this thread but my 2nd in Soompi my first is in the Dooley Couple thread. If you guys want softsubs fast, then educate yourself how to do the softsubbing. Michael June Pope says: Thanks for this drama, esp in RMVB format. LTM makes no such promise.

H – ow can I get over with this drama? I think she likes older guys. If the story can improve, it should gain more younger viewers. Does the link not work for you? A Mon-Tues drama with lower-than-expected ratings, likely a small cultish following, conbat will own me body and soul despite my being fully aware the script sucks, all because I love the OTP so much I can scarce stop thinking about them. Hi there, When will the subs for ep 6 be up???

He smile suit the words of “I’ve missed you” and the “I love you” after that.


If story is bad, then at least day have 40 and older viewers. Looks like its still a busy forum!!! And there is no video files in Fileserve. Just relax and enjoy.

I just keep thinking what if they were in a Hong sisters drama not BL. Thank you and I hope you continue subbing!!

Nailshop Paris Episode 5 – 3 – Watch or Download |

Now, Luca was also covered in ink, and Izumi suggested her to come along to the bath. Thanks for the heads up. Thank you very much, Jade! And for KJH being too old for her. To me, HS was about reminiscing about first love, college days and eramacrazy new people and experiencing new things.

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Nailshop Paris Episode 5 – 3

Not acting as a brother, but as a father. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched their NG scenes together! He was well aware that he was a guy, and to him Luca was not behaving very drqmacrazy. The true mastery of any art is to put the least effort to make the greatest masterpieces. A straightforward and serious person suddenly behaves very immaturely, what is the reason for that?


Instead of heading straight into the bath, he checked the whole bath and made sure that he was all alone. I think you are mistaken about something. I have just installed the JDownloader. I also hope that the storyline improves, but it is entertaining. Yet again, Hayate cursed his very bad Some say very good. Shin Hye wanted to weep, but what was the purpose of it?

Post was not sent – butlee your email addresses! Sign In Sign Up. Izumi would need a sharper mind in order to take up the tsukkomi role. There have been lots of discussions regarding this on other sites. Lolz OMG I reloaded the page and there it is!!!! They say that people who travel on trips without a camera enjoy the trip much more than those with one. It was just that he wanted a bath instead of a nap.

By 0ly40 Started July 23, I can revert back. After you do that….