Huilugin nggracia ni DIGS-v ‘to srnct’ifv;, bless. Humnanap-v-To find; search for; lhunt; search; look for. Ialay-v-ro offer dadicate; present give lalis-v-To to take away; discard, move; obviate. That entire conversion therapy bit was also brutal literally and figuratively that many overzealous faithful would probably get triggeredt. Galit na bigla n-Anger; rage; passion. Basagin-v-To break; fracture; bust; destroy; crak; crash; shatter.

This site uses cookies. Ngayon naman umiihi si Jane sa damuhan. He just kept saying his lines while walking close to enemy lines without getting hit. Hagdan n-Stairs; staircase; steps; stairway. Gamnitin-i-To use; serve, wear, practice, accustom; adopt, emnploy, make uise of, allay, espouse, wield, affitiate; na laqi addict. Sa manga salitang mnaikli ang titik na vocales ay tutunog na gaya nito.

Galletas-n Hardtack; crac ers. And would it be weird to say that he was just much too beautiful for the role?

Durugin-v-To powder; crash, poundl, shiatter; pulverize. Agos-n-Current or course of a river. One of the best lines in the movie: CastilloRodel VelayoAllona Amor.

Dagdagin-v-To augment; add; increase, enlarge; amend. Hapis-n Gloom; sadness; grief; pain; ache; anxiety; hardship; disgust; sorrow: Ayan happy ending na for Jane.

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Instead of raising a huge middle finger to all of her bashers, she agreed to poke fun at herself, chuckle along with the online trolls, and kill them with kindness and laughter. Di mapasok aug batol-a-Inflexible; Iti variable.


Banal-a-Virtuous; pious; holy; pure; virgen sim-ple; just; merciful, Banat-a-tense; tight; stiff. Both films seemed to have been made as easily-digestible History nuggets because nobody really wanted to sit through a boring lecture.

Ibagay-v-To moie convenient; conform. Alipin in-v To enslave: Hintayin-v-To await; hiong expect. Huh sa lahiat a-Last. D unong-n Sience; knowledge, accuracy.

In hindsight though, anybody willing to pay dollars for funky-smelling underwear probably deserved their fate.

Huag kupkupin-v —To patr in danger; refuse to help: Humaba-v-To lengthen;, protroct; prolong. With this, I will always remember that even in trying times, one should never forget to have a manicure. Kun-v aug dulo ng salita ay tion, cian 6 sion tutuinog na parang shun. Isang ibon Ishmael Bernal was born in in Manila, Philippines.

DawNis-n-Anguishi; anxiety; grief; sorrow. Hindi kaparis a-Unlike, dissimilsr, contrary; different. Hung gumnanting palad v-To be disagreeable.

When the legendary Michelle Yeoh served that fitting retribution to the hotel manager with such intense coldness, I came very close to standing up and cheering from my seat.

Agagan n-Cloth sieve or strainer. Hiyas-n Ornament; adornment; trimming, furniture.


Burninyag v-To christen; baptize. Kaya ka rin siguro laging minumulto ni Trisha! Di nararapat-a-Unworthy; und eservin.

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He died in in Quezon City, Philippines. Bayadl-n-Pay fee; stipend, salary, conipensa ion, wages, retribution, payment, satisfaction; reward. That blatant BDO billboard might have ruined the moment of a crying Fely Nova Villabut it was actually in the original movie only with a hiong brand of course it served as a juxtaposition of a young and old woman. PBitakint’ To fissure; chink; crack.

Hangal-a-Foolish; stupid; ignorant; indecent; rude; coarse; clownish. Dalhin dito v To fetch.

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Dagukan-ir Te punch; s rike; beat; knock. Sabay labas si Jameson ng panyo. Hugutin v-To extract; remov2; take out; Ideduce; draw out: Romulo to direct a film on the revolutionary hero Macario Sakay for the big screen.

Araw nang kapangianakan-it-Birthday; lay of birth. Burol-n-Dry bed of a river; corp-e.