Order by newest oldest recommendations. This episode seems very sloppy. This page was last edited on 7 October , at Carrie escorts Javadi to a plane to go back to Iran, keeping up the guise in front of his entourage that Carrie is the one whose hand is being forced by Javadi. Edit Did You Know? The smugness Mandy Patinkin brings to this moment is top-shelf, A-level stuff.

The smugness Mandy Patinkin brings to this moment is top-shelf, A-level stuff. Between sighs, he makes some pretty ominous grumblings about the bombing at Langley and proffers to know more information about who was responsible for putting the bomb in the SUV. Back at Langley, Saul attempts to rush back to his office unnoticed, in that slightly harassed and constipated gait of his, but is intercepted by Dar Adal, who had apparently been maintaining a diligent, continuous vigil over the elevator bank for the week or so that Saul, Carrie, Quinn and the others were AWOL. Retrieved November 13, There’s something about “Homeland” and all of its characters that makes sex on the show so intrinsically unsexy — Carrie and Brody, Carrie and Brody lookalike, Dana and Leo — so we’re glad to have panned out from that scene when we did. Judging from next week’s episode preview, it looks like the Big Bad Law Firm owns a much bigger piece of this terrorist pie than we first thought. As the police found his family’s corpses, Quinn must take the blame and invoke national security to go free.

Between sighs, he makes some pretty ominous grumblings about the bombing at Langley and proffers to know more information about who was responsible for putting the bomb in the SUV.

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Naughty, naughty Mira — and naughty Alain! There were a lot of still scenes, particularly during the interrogation, that were episove driven by dialogue — again, because it’s Patinkin, this works beautifully. She remains in opposition with Saul, who is still with the CIA. Trivia Morena Baccarin was pregnant when this episode was filmed. Will Saul and Mira make it? Quinn, in no danger of being prosecuted, lies and confesses to the killings in order to protect the Javadi operation.



Saul apprises them of the entire operation—the blackmailing of Javadi into cooperating, how it was done, and who was involved. Meanwhile, the show’s producers again gift us with the stunning vision of shirtless Peter Quinn showering, cameras panning leisurely on Rupert Friend’s bare chest and back as he pads around the house clothed only in a towel.

‘Homeland’ Recap, Season 3, Episode 7: Mission Accomplished

He sighs as he talks to Carrie. Javadi, still covered in his ex-wife’s blood, smugly outlines his conditions for trading intelligence: Javadi initially resists, then accepts his doomed gegontion in the only way he can: His asset secured, Saul prepares to drive back to Langley but pauses before getting into his car.

Catch up with previous episode blogposts. Blame it on the hormones … or something.

Drama US television Television Episode recaps blogposts. Now Carrie must prove gerongion not all conspiracies are theories. Did we need that again? This is therapy for Quinn, who has been attempting to wrangle with a deep guilt and conflict since accidentally shooting a child in Caracas earlier this season.

Their wild swings and shallow concerns were out of character with a show that succeeded because of the complexity of their interactions. With Breaking Bad also naming an episode after a poem Shelley’s Ozymandiasis this the new way for TV to prove its smarts?

Mira Berenson Tracy Letts Keep in mind, this is the exact play that Saul has been spinning for at least the past two months. Send him back to Iran and make him collect intelligence for the CIA as a spy.

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Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Javadi counters with an ace — the Langley bombing. Carrie Mathison is back in the US on the streets of New York, fighting for the protection of civil liberties and against the abuse of power within our government. After he fake-confesses to murdering Javadi’s ex-wife and daughter-in-law, the homicide cop shakes his head in contempt. Fara Nazanin Boniadi is angered when she realizes that Javadi is being sent back to Iran, citing the irreparable damage that he did, and could continue to do, to that country.


Carrie and Quinn scramble to contain a local police investigation, while Mira finds her marriage at a crossroads. Thank god we were relieved of the sure-to-cumbersome backstory regarding Carrie’s pregnancy. As the police found his family’s And will his growing affection for Carrie have anything to do with it?

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Is he simply looking to manipulate Carrie, or is he looking for retribution to hmeland law firm who was responsible for his own ensnarement? Quote of the week “It is the curse of old men to realise that in the end we control … nothing” — Saul. When Saul refuses, Lockhart demands a phone where he can call the President.

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Episodes Watched from Saul’s relationship problem and Carrie’s pregnancy seems irrelevant to this episode. The title comes from the homelanr ” Gerontion ” poem in which T.

Eliot poem told from the perspective of an older man who has lived through World War I and is questioning his faith. Is that all it takes to make a spy kit these days? It’s worth taking a moment to reflect, once more, on the magnificence of the acting in these scenes, especially from the self-important, pettifogging senator. What stuck in my craw even more than this, though, was another conversation across the table. What did you think of “Homeland” season 3, episode 7? After epksode attempted assassination of the president, Carrie Mathison is out of the White House while members of the intelligence community are imprisoned.

Last week it was Lockhart’s nostrils and upper lip doing all the work; this week his double chin steps manfully forward with its own small gegontion of quivering malevolence.

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