Hitfix Posted Sep 13, Read full review. But the version you’ll see on NBC tonight seems to be embracing the show’s likely failure by being something few will miss if it doesn’t work out. The episode definitely succeeds as a whole thanks to a narrower focus First to Last Latest. Season 3 – Prey TV Episode. The action sequences in “Sick” weren’t quite as prolonged or elaborate as what we got from the season premiere, but there was definitely a constant sense of tension. It’s all incredibly broad, and lacking in any real point of view. It’s definitely time to start mixing and matching the two storylines, especially since what’s been happening at the prison has, so far, been more compelling than the action over in Woodbury.

Hitfix Posted Apr 5, Read full review. And based on the four episodes I’ve seen, Sons is still at the incredible level it achieved a year ago, when it became one of the best dramas on television. Last Man Standing Read More Posted Jul 29, If you enjoyed the show last year, you will now. Hitfix Posted Apr 4, Read full review.

It shows what killing one soulsucking sepinwaall can do for a show. Peter and Neal now have very good reason to be wary of each other, and that not only suggests good things in the future but spices up all of their interactions while they work their latest case. A schizophrenic pilot that’s more interesting in parts than as a whole.

Epiode glad to have them back. Hitfix Posted Feb 8, Read full review. This show will fail hard without him.

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Once Upon a Time: Hitfix Posted Oct 21, Read full review. Ultimately, I was more drawn in by the team’s interactions than Nomeland was by either aspect of the plot, but that’s probably better for the show’s long-term viability. They’re flashy and can be briefly shocking or funny or even moving, but the more they go over-the-top, the less impact they have for me. Jamie is our heroine, the one we’re supposed to like and care about, but as played by British actress Ryan “EastEnders,” “Jekyll”she’s a mopey blank, badly upstaged every time Sackhoff makes one of her all-too-brief appearances as Corvus.

Neither trainwreck nor masterpiece, the new “” was exactly what nobody expected it espinwall be: Season 3 – Mhysa TV Episode. The premiere suggests that the only other show that belongs with it in the discussion for the best drama on television is the same one we were talking about last season. The real problem with the new Knight Rider, though, isn’t that it’s stupid again, it’s a show about a guy and his talking car or that Bruening’s terrible the Hoff would be the first to say he’s no master thespian.


I Hate My Teenage Daughter: The pilot feels like 17 shows all crammed together into one – including a lot of wacky antics Hitfix Posted Mar 25, Read full review.

It’s still not good, mind you, but it’s more honest and enthusiastic about its badness, you know? Hitfix Posted May 23, Read full review. For the most part, they’re neither fish nor fowl: Hitfix Posted Jun 7, Read full review. People who want another “24” all action, no brains, ideas, or character are whining. Though I can understand that the writers wanted to change-up the pace a little, and needed to emphasize both the damage that Brody had to his family and the deep love that he has for his daughter, which in turn helps explain what motivated him to try and find redemption during that last dramatic chapter of his life.

Season 5 TV, Heroes may be better 44 year than it was last year, but it’s still a very dumb show that just wants you to think it’s smart.

There’s definitely a joy to this series, no matter how dire things get for its characters. I have no interest in fashion, little inherent fondness for soap operas, and I’m absolutely not the gender this show is targeting.

But the version you’ll see on NBC tonight seems to be embracing the show’s likely failure by being something few will miss if it doesn’t work out. When you strip away the wigs, makeup, padded bras and Ace hojeland, there’s nothing about Work It that suggests a show that will ever be appealing to either gender.

Episodr has an unforced masculinity that allows him to play likable bastards like this, and with the other regular characters played by Robin Tunney, Owain Yeoman, Tim Kang and Amanda Righetti so far ciphers at best, he’s able to carry the show by his lonesome. United States of Tara: We put a character at the center of that — a compelling character, hopefully, in Carrie Matheson — to identify the personal costs to the journey.

Amidst all the sniggering humor about how Ray has been taught to “do your sepinwsll with the gifts God gave you” is some smart comedy about the state of 21st century America in general, as well as a superb lead performance from Thomas Jane.

Last night felt a little more like the sepineall.

Review: ‘Homeland’ – ‘The Yoga Play’

Without the overwhelming nostalgia for this particular venue for Pee-wee and these supporting characters, I found The Pee-wee Herman Show on Broadway a long close to 90 minutes slog, cute in spots, but mainly just strange–a voyage through the fantasy life of a character I homelxnd to see fending for himself in a closer approximation of the real world.

Here are comments from a variety of TV critics, writing after viewing this week’s episode, “Game On”:. It’s fun and diverting, and certainly has the potential to be much more, based on Thomas’ work on the original series–and the glimpses we see of Cannavale and Paulson in these roles.


Hitfix Posted Apr 20, Read full review. My concern is spinwall the story can say the himeland. Hitfix Posted Jan 6, Read full review.

Maybe Gordon, Gansa and company will have to contort themselves a little to get the pieces back into place for the new season, but after how well they brought things home in the finale, they have earned a huge benefit of the doubt second time around. This was another piece-mover episode Hitfix Posted Oct 10, Read full review.

The episode definitely succeeds as a whole thanks to a narrower focus Southland remains a show with too much going on. There are moments episodee John Adams stirs up the passion its author clearly had for the subject — Adams firing off a rifle in the middle bomeland a battle at episodee with a British warship, the first public reading of the Declaration, George Washington David Morse, in the second-best piece of casting other than Giamatti whispering his oath of office at his inauguration — but too often it’s just as muddy and dull as its subject was accused of being.

Press tour: ‘Homeland’ producers defend season 3, preview season 4

And can a show like Homeland that rooted its credibility with audiences in the idea that it was an honest and penetrating look at the War on Terror ask us to suspend plausibility now? Hitfix Read full review. There are some likable actors here, and funny moments here and there, but the two episodes I’ve seen suggest a show not in the league of the established comedies NBC has on that night. The celebrity level of the new Masters may be lower, but there’s still that sense of fun from seeing established chefs have to be put through the same faces as the more anonymous ones.

Review: ‘Homeland’ – ‘Still Positive’

Episodes isn’t even as funny as Crane and Klarik’s last collaboration, the exceedingly mediocre short-lived CBS comedy “The Class” – and that’s even considering that the new homelnd features Homelnad old “Friends” star Matt LeBlanc delivering a terrific performance as an exaggerated version of himself.

Hitfix Posted Mar 28, Read full review. For the most part, these were very strong re-entry points to the series. Hitfix Posted Sep 20, Read full review. Read More Posted Jul 30,