Mainly, how do you capture a remarkable event without losing your camera, your crew or your star fisherman, Sam Niang, to the river? Night is falling fast, and the temperature will plummet to minus 30 Celsius. Life Beyond the Lobby: Mon, 19 Mar Ydy hi’n rhy hwyr i Garry achub ei briodas? Series 2, Love at First Sight Mildred’s good intentions backfire when her love spell goes wrong. In northeast India, a giant cliff leads up into a hidden world Meghalaya. Living here poses an unusual problem, and it’s not just keeping dry.

Louise Weiss Hanes Louise Weiss – newyddiadurwraig, awdur, gwleidydd ac ymgyrchydd dros sicrhau y bl Series 5, Demons of Dark Anna calls Sir Richard for advice on how to get out of her publishing contract. The spring melt seems to have started early, which worries Stanzin. Series 6, Episode 7 A shopkeeper is stunned when one of his regular customers turns into an armed robber. By now, Tim has the rigging ready for the dolly. But this year, the mix hasn’t reached the right consistency, and now the rains are almost upon him.

Josphat’s bravery and skill enable him to fish where no animal dares to venture.

Subtitles Humans, Season 1 – Episode 7 |

In the dry season, he built a high wire across the rapids out of old cable and bits of rope. Addicted Lives Documentary going behind the doors of a residential rehabilitation centre in Somerset.

The humahs prepare for the journey ahead. I think rain’s stopping play! Series 2, Episode 6 Jay Blades and the team repair a rosewood table, an antique steamboat and a panda bear.

Mae Subhitles a Cadno yn bygwth ei gilydd. This is the Human Planet. While Lemagas and his camels rest, not far away, some giant water-diviners are sniffing out the river bed. Over and down, OK? Snips, The Blood Race Dr Xand gives blood and follows it through the factory and out to a patient in need.


No rain has fallen here for eight months. The brother and sister depend on their father’s courage and skill. There’s a massive cloud come over.

It’s their erratic nature too. But even he succumbs to the full force of the Mekong in surge. When they reach the other side, they’ll take hold there. Series 17, Episode 43 Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible. With new-found respect for the Mekong’s power, the crew stick to solid ground. Seven days ago, an avalanche killed a man on the Zanskar river. In Bangladesh, tens of millions of people can be displaced when the Ganges and her tributaries burst their banks.

The centre of Ottawa is safe for another year. We’re just trying to get the cable across for the dolly, so the local guy’s just shimmied across the wires, as he does every day. There’s been a mud mosque in Djenne for years the sacred heart of a city fashioned from river mud. At first, it’s not looking promising.

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Series 1, Feeling Angry Radha and Ben help Breagha to talk about why she feels angry and how she can feel better. They rush straight to the school. Series 13, Vikings v Inquisitors Two round-three winners return in a bid to make it the semi-finals. In winter, it’s cut off by snow. His job is to maintain the city’s mosque, the biggest and oldest mud building in the world. Word spreads fast, and everyone comes down to help.


Series 2, September As summer draws to a close, Cathy and Michael see each other for the first time in months.

The children need their sleep. Ollie accepts the ultimate challenge from Roxanna. Ten Minute Rule Bill: In the wild, many eggs would be eaten by animals but here they’ll be safe. Sam Niang has to risk his life to catch them.

It’s late February, and the ice is melting here too.

Subtitles Humans, Season 1 – Episode 7

Jarnia’s village is transformed. Jarnia’s family is now marooned by the greatest annual flood on the planet. Stacey questions Mo’s behaviour.

Ice blocks are in danger of forming a dam, which might lead to devastating flooding. But to get to his prime spot, he must risk life and limb. Series 19, Episode 87 Jeremy Vine hosts a general knowledge quiz featuring the UK’s top quiz champions.

By now, Tim has the rigging ready for humzns dolly. Thanks to their dad’s expertise, the children have survived the Chadar. All over the world, we still use our ingenuity to survive in the wild places, far from the city lights, face to face with raw nature.

But what rivers give, they can also humaans away. Series 2, Episode 7 Mindfulness shbtitles relaxation therapy is the latest way the NHS is combatting stress.

Series 6, Episode 7 A shopkeeper is stunned when one of his regular customers turns into an armed robber.