Fairy Tail is back, probably this xd. Tomorrow im gonna finish Ace no Diamond: And I also hate OP so yeah When I look back to original Naruto, how good it was, it’s just sad. But yeah I wanted to post this a while ago but I was too lazy to type so much. Watching Mangaka assistant or smth and Blade and Soul whenever those eps come out. Yesterday i watched a weird Anime..

Can’t really tell, haven’t watched that yet. Well, One Piece is aired in the mornings too and here’s what we get: I enjoy going back to some of the pre-shippuuden and early shippuuden material because that was when characters were interesting, the plot made sense and the author actually cared enough to try and make the powers and what not reasonable. Back then, I didn’t know about manga yet nor what are fillers and I didn’t notiece at all, that this “filler” arc wasn’t main story. Dog Days and do not be mislead by the title ; But Naruto tottaly overexagerates it. Can someone explain me why ned episode of One Piece on Youtube are always p, while the previews of incoming episodes are in HD?

I know it’s just a shounen, but everything is so obvious, that it makes me angry. You can read raws??!!

Sooner or later it would happen anyway because they were destined to get these power ups because they are the reincarnations of the sons from the sage of six path. Of course not, they sell comics well, they sell DVDs like hot cakes and has a large enough fan base shove its success in your face.

Entire hyoula magic is getting wiped out and they’re sitting on their asses. Ok I see the problem now Like the story told us now in the world war, the hyoukx clan never needed to train hard to get “power ups” because the hate in them makes them stronger sharingan.


Yeah, I wonder what happened o. D Yesterday i watched a weird Anime.

Hyouka – Oreki’s phobia – Самые лучшие видео

Thank god it did or it’d be impossible to do this arc so well. If not want the spoiler: Naruto started pulling techniques out of his ass, new Rasengans out of nowhere and began owning the Edo Tensei’d shinobi that not even Gaara or Tsuchikage episoxe capable of beating, well, that’s very cool. Well it is actually not that bad in the manga, but the anime doesn’t change at all in this point.

I like this alot, it a bit old: Please remove Sakura from Shippuuden anime and epizode It looked like pure, hard work. Mine is still the best. AurumGG All reviews 98 people found this review helpful. Some cia HxH anime spoilers, but so gud http: Kishimoto also did a very good job at making me not care about the characters, I felt absolutely nothing when Neji died and his death was so redundant that even the characters themselves forgot about him a chapter later.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Episode 4

The idea is similar to One Piece, I’m slowly getting into it, but Well there are few that can reach near episore 12 eps, like Bible Black, Strigendo and Oni chichi or what is it called. Mou Hitori no Kimi e http: I saw Steins;Gate in your ‘plan to watch’ list and I’m still trying to process how it’s possible that you haven’t watched it yet.

epizode Any1 has read it? Oh well Im not an avid hardcore manga reader as well. I still need a break through of what order I should watch it about the monogatari series xd If you want chronological order: The usually aloof bookworm with no interest in others comes across a book in a hospital waiting room.

Now I know what I’m doing for the next hour It was worth it http: Jul 16, 8: NVM, it’s already in my plan to watch list lol. Eitherway at max the anime will have 1 more arc, if it will not end at this arc.


Ok, now it’s offical: I’ve watched this episode so cgia times now. Otherwise they will just end up like One Piece – anime catching manga in 2 episodes xd Yeah but ONE PIECE is a comedy Manga, its alot easier to create high quality fillers compared to full on story Manga where there’s a bigger risk of plot hole.

Seto No Hanayome was pretty damn awesome and the aanime others are both decent. I don’t mind finishing Chimera Arc without any fillers and then start a filler-arc, totally not based on manga, just to increase the distance between action in manga and anime. While watching a AMV and looking for new Animes to watch i found this https: Cnia, those works use unorthodox techniques not commonly used in shounen Manga in order to attract a wider audience while the other works don’t.

I got good news for HxH fans: If I had to make a list of my favourite anime jyouka, Shaft would be the first one in wpisode list.

How can you know if it aint your cup of tea if you haven’t watched it yet? What to watch next then:? The last episode showed his power and I can’t recall who he is ;o Confirmed today: As for Bleach, it was at it’s until Rukia rescue arc.

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