It also, perhaps, allows us to reach a new audience, something that the venue, the Barbican, underlines. The normal rules of the song recital are in abeyance. And he lets it go on, Everything, just as it will; Turns the wheel, and his hurdy-gurdy Never stays still for a moment. Composition Artist Credits Winterreise. Drake supports him with playing of equal insight. This could explore a notion of eternal recurrence: All this was magnificent, but it was achieved at the high cost of pitching the entire song-cycle in an extreme emotional register. The inventiveness and, at the same time, the astonishing simplicity of the mise-en-scenes throughout the film continues to amaze even on repeated viewings.

Read more classical concert reviews. This, however, is no ordinary lyre, but a vulgar, indecent hurdy-gurdy, a Drehleier a rotating or turning lyre , the chosen instrument of the musically unaccomplished beggar, the lowest of the low. In this type of poetic, personal filmmaking the choice of the right person for the lead is critical; otherwise, the whole thing runs the risk of falling flat on its face and appearing ridiculous rather than sublime. In Pictures – the story of love and romance: It is a drama, too, a piece of theatre, with its own rhythm, and a crucial role for the confrontation between singer and audience. If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information. A mute, stunned applause usually follows, which can swell into noisier acclaim. Whenever I tried to sing of love, it turned to pain.

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What is achieved, in the end, is a wonderful circularity, with the musical-poetical serpent biting its own tail, and the tantalising offer of narrative closure, an explanation for what has been going on.

As Zender puts it: Alternatively, the first sing-through winterrelse be the monodrama with pianistic imaginarium that we all experienced, but with the second, and subsequent, performances given to the accompaniment of the hurdy-gurdy.


In this last song, however, a notional source of alternative subjectivity, however pinched and etiolated, presents itself: There is a Romantic irony embedded in the title of this last poem.

Composition Artist Credits Winterreise.

Winterreise, Ian Bostridge, Barbican, review: ‘extraordinary’ – Telegraph

Compiled by Martin Chilton. Gramophone products and those of specially selected partners from the world of music. Silence emerges as the last hurdy-gurdy phrase dissipates into the hall, a silence that is often extended and forms part of the shared experience of the piece; a silence performed as much by the audience as it is by singer and pianist.

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No encores are prepared or expected and, however enthusiastically the audience respond, none will be forthcoming. Without Bostridge’s total inner commitment, without his deep intuitive understanding of the music and its drama, it would all have been reduced to a winterreiae exercise in clever camera angles. The sound box can be that of a fiddle, a guitar or a lute, but the strings are neither plucked nor bowed.

Inspired by a disused mental asylum in winterreiise London, Alden and his designer, Ian MacNeil, create a huge, empty space, as desolate as the abandoned asylum itself, in which the beginning and end of the cycle are enacted. In this type of poetic, personal filmmaking the choice of the right person for the lead is critical; otherwise, the whole thing runs the risk of falling flat on its face and appearing ridiculous rather than sublime.

Tenor Ian Bostridge set the tone just by walking on, looking as pale and distraught as a condemned man. When he allowed boatridge deeper, stronger tone to break through, the effect was startling: The production has a touch of period detail, a touch of modernism – yet it all bostridgw a feeling of timelessness about it.

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Zender’s Winterreise: old, new, borrowed – but still true

With a heart filled with endless love for those who scorned me, I Laws changed but the stigma remained, allied to the deep-rooted suspicion of the rootless and of those whose musical activities verged on the mystical, the magical, and the shamanic-demonic — the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin had cast a long shadow. Thursday 21 February Bostrdge 25 25 50 All. The 24 songs are forerunners, in a sense, of all those songs of love and loss that have been the soundtrack of generation on generation of teenagers.


This new take on Winterreise is not an avant garde assault or a confection of rebarbative modernism.

For many and many a year I sang songs. Crossing boundaries is perilous, and on the whole, opera singers sound as wrong in pop music as pop singers do in German song. Without his charity, we might be there still.

Mostly, however, the influence has to be a subliminal one, witnerreise only then can it avoid self-consciousness or a certain archness. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Books In Pictures – the story of love and romance: It connects the work to its own history; and it revitalises it for those who might have shied away from the perceived exclusivism of the Lieder recital.

The end of the closing song – in itself, a heartbreaker – is given an ingeniously simple treatment and greatness lies in such simplicity: Doubts arise only with the introduction during two songs of the unfaithful girl and her family, disturbing the vision of the lonely sufferer.

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