Shi Hoo goes out to drink himself into oblivion. Yong takes the opportunity and beats him down. Do you remember that nice boy? When I first heard that Jung Il Woo was going to be in this drama, it totally turned me off considering the only other thing I’d seen him in was High Kick. This is real magic. As mafia dude is facing off with Shi Hoo, Yong comes up and separates the two.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Well, just til the place where he took it off, anyway. Shi Wan is the perfect dumb friend for Yong — he gives news without even seeming to realize it. Where has the drama aired till? The two make eye contact, before Lee Kyum could crumble and expose his identity, his mother jumps onto him demanding him to return her son. Shi Hoo uses detainment under suspicion of theft to get rid of the nobleman, and leaves. I never thought I could watch a Korean movie and love it big ups. Meanwhile, the same man who ordered the plot brings three warriors to the Lee household, ready to execute Lee.

Uhm, the smell of freedom… lmao! She edges closer to him, and wakes him up, and nearly falls off. Poor Swe Dol gets captured because Shi Wan is searching everyone with a history of theft first.

He locks his little son in the cabinet and makes Lee Kyum promise to live on no matter what happens to him before facing the intruders. Yong gets super angry at the bastard ministers, and vows to do things his own way. The older brother takes the medallion to the pawnshop for money to buy food and medicine for Lee Rpisode, but is unfortunately mistook as Lee Kyum and killed. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

And iljkmae they looked, a little warbler flew out of the cup towards the plum tree. I think, at this point, Shi Wan is mostly bluster and frustration at being useless and outdone all the time.


The king turns out to be a kind-looking bearded man who wears a permanent smile on his face. By continuing to iljiame this website, you agree to their use. See Full Episode Guide.

If only Venus is on iljjmae side. She is about to fall, but Yong catches her arm and steadies her. The next morning, Eun Chae hands the villa over to her aunt, but takes a final walk in the courtyard to immerse herself in memories, especially of that really decap boy she met there.

Notify me of new posts via email. He tracks back to the school and finds out about the bullying and the burying.

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On top of that, he tells Yong that if Yong wins the contest and wins the award, then his father will be spared. Am I being contradictory now? At the scene of each robbery, Iljimae leaves a painting of a branch of red plum blossoms known as “mae hwa”.

He is hence renamed Yong. I remember that you mention earlier about Lee Min Ho’s anger. Ahaha, mafia dude is so polite to Dani and Swe Dol now that he knows who they are. By continuing to i,jimae this website, you agree to their use. Notify me of new posts via email. This is the perfect time to put on your invisibility cloak!

Magicians, learn from him! That night, the king definitely he who ordered iljimad death of Lee Won Ho listens to the minister who wanted to put corrupt government in jail and muses that he too thinks the former king was better than he is. Eun Chae, of course, finds him in the room.

With crime rampant in the capital, his leadership is needed again, and officers are sent to retrieve him. Somehow, illogically, the cart now weighs more with the horse cut loose, and they fall in the secret trapdoor that he built earlier.


To confirm whether he is the son of Lee Won Ho, the guards brings him to see his mother who is being shepherded away for questioning. Notify me of new comments via email. The old man died and became the warbler? He just wants the black pearl that was meant for the king. What I do like is the background music.

Both are glad to see each other — a little uncertain, a little restrained by propriety and politeness.

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Seeing an instrument in the room a wolgeum, or luteIljimae asks Wol-hee to play it for him. Yong roams the streets in agony and ends up in his own house.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He goes looking for the medallion where he first lost it, and Bong Soon returns it to him. Cha Dol stared at her mother from afar.

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Some dragging took place and the spoiled noble brings them to the woods, where the trap is set. You must only upload images which you have created ilhimae or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. I can’t seem to compare the two relationships and hate one girl and love the other Episodes by odilettante.