I do think the ending fails to deliver. Imagine what that kid grows up into. One drama with two memory losses.. The entire drama was formulaic, nothing new has been done, except for LKH’s sudden reversal of nothing is how it seems — which if you actually paid attention was the running theme of the drama, everything else is pretty simple. Anyway, i’m guessing she’s doing fine financially and taesan is behind that. A guest has already reported this download using your current IP address. Someone else asked what happened to the company. I disagree with your oddly specific generality.

Also love the ending that is such a perfect one. Awesome directing, wonderful cinematography, amazing acting and I particularly love Moon Chae Won’s acting since EG is a very difficult character to portray, having to transform from a strong character to an innocent one and a mixture of both with a vengeful and conflicted heart after she regained her memory. But I do agree with Headsno2, the ending seemed so rush that the emotional punch did not hit us because we were not allowed to settle on all the repercussions of the character’s decisions. As you would notice you’re the one who replied in almost every post I made, I was just replying back. I’m now saying my good bye to kang ma ru and eun gi.. Carrying the drama is a bit of a stretch. She said that she hasn’t seen him in all these years.

And were it not for these final minutes, I would have walked away feeling a lot more dissatisfied. Let me count the ways.

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So all of us become amnesiacs, forgetting loved ones and valuable emotions and insisting upon how we originally were. I remember Arang and the Magistrate pulling a similar trick at the end and I always choose to interpret it as just a touch of teasing and anyway, Maru gave the game up when he got that ring box out on the park bench, he remembers her now.


Turning day-to-day running of TaeSan group over the Joon-ha over board protest or something? Oh but you never saw that the hematoma actually played not the role it innoceht supposed to do — redeem Maru.

Not for you, so please don’t stretch yourself on my behalf. My name is Han Jae-hee. Though, like you HeadsNo2, I didn’t like the vague ending.

Someone else asked what happened to the company. If it ended like 5minutes before it would have been less good, but those last 5minutes just explained everything.

And by his words, it sounds like Jae-hee was only released from prison a few months prior.

But no Taesan talk whatsoever This is the internet. Amn seems to accept it, only to surprise him by swooping in for a kiss. The charm of this drama is “redemption” as you said and I also think about “second chance” that JH and Maru did. Suddenly he is completely on a side of his half-sister and judges betrays his mom?

And thus my explanation, the plot requires Maru to be close to death. A complication at his brain surgery would have worked.

Or maybe it was when Eun-ki 3. Playlist 4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4. But yeah, I completely agree with what you previously said. RealKDramaaddict December 20, at 5: I loved the Choco and Jae Gil side-story Plus someone mentioned that the translation for the shop meant Eun and Marru so even if she didn’t tell him he could have gone over and since he is no idiot would have eventually figured out what the case is about etc S a r a h November 17, at 4: She also sprung into action to avenge her father’s death.


I’m not really into that sorta of thing but she could pull it off. For some major decisions she will be looked for advice but apart from that nothing else.

The Innocent Man Episode 20

But honestly, just like girlfriday puts it, all of them need to go to therapy. Where was EK during all the 7 years? Anne November 17, at 5: I just can’t stop watching! The fact that BOTH leads had dealings around amnesia and not recognizing faces just scream lazy and clunky writing to me.

That way, they could have added eposode screen time with the characters and added more story into it. First of all let me say that it is made clear that he remembers Eun Gee but also has all of goodrama old memories as well.