Arnav rings the door and Buaji goes to open the door. Episode I Love You, Dammit! Arnav says should be fine. Khushi says Anjali will only stay happy if she is not around her. Khushi says not to worry as she has came back. Khushi goes to Devi ma and asks to forget her as she is lying since morning to everyone. Buaji asks are you fine?

Payal asks her if Buaji is fine. She talks about home rent. Aakash says not to worry, he will be back soon. How to add a video: Arnav tells to Aakash, he will have to cancel a Mumbai deal but Aakash says he will go there. Buaji asks what is she doing there? Inside house, Khushi is saying to Buaji that she will make food today. She hears a car sound and gets worried.

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Arnav says so he can check Buaji and asks her to move. Payal asks him if he took his ticket. Bubbly ruins Manorama’s surprise gift, to trap Payal. What should we add next?

Nani and Anjali also leave. Spoiler Pics – 18th August – Sangeet Pics. Aakash is leaving home now and Manorama is crying and says him to take care. Khushi remembers her moments with Arnav when he came to live there. She says but what she can do, she has no other option. Khushi is not there so Payal should stay at home. Arnav Singh Raizada comes to the wedding hall injured from an He then asks Payal if she wants to go with him.



Spoiler Pics – 20th August – Remarriage Pics. Khushi says she is sleeping but Buaji is talking loudly and Arnav hears it and he says seems like she woke up and asks her to give her phone as Nani and Payal want to talk with her. Lyaar back at Raizada house.

Buaji asks why are you saying like this? He asks her what happened? Manorama goes to Payal and asks her why are you crying? Arnav is on door with a doctor.

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He asks whose call pyaad it. Nani and Anjali arrange honeymoon for the couples in Raizada Khushi decides to commit suicide, donating everything she owns to her family.

Nani asks what happened to your voice. Unseen Arnav Khushi Pics. Arnav asks doctor, should patients be awake for blood pressure checking.

Aakash is on phone and he says an extra ticket iiss Payal but Payal stops him. Drop image files here or click to upload. Arnav gives her phone to Khushi and asks if everything is fine.


Nani says Payal that she should have gone with him. She sees Arnav outside of their door and she gets shocked.

Buaji says you can definitely come, and then she sees her bag and asks what is that? Aakash says everything is fine and leaves. Khushi says no and asks her to stop all those questions.

indi and iss pyaar ko: episode a character she did have

And then Nani gives phone to Payal. Aakash is talking on phone and he says he got the ticket. Aakash says not to worry, he will be back soon.

Episode Khushi’s life in danger?