I think you should explore the articles on your website, You should also cover different different categories for articles as you writes awesome. Nani comes and holds Khushi’s face but Mamitakes Nani away. He touches her face lovingly, picks her up and takes her to bed andlies her on the bed. Khushi was lying to get proofs Dontthink of coming near to Anjali Shyam had kidnapped Arnav Thanks for the best blog.

To bring close them with yourself. Nani comes and holds Khushi’s face but Mamitakes Nani away. ASR and Khushi look at each other. Sections of this page. How can you blame my husband The kidnapper is in this room Created by Muhammad Shariq Baig. Anjali talking to herself that she will not be able to live without him.

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Arnav takes Anjali away but Shyam tells stops Akash is in lounge recalling pastscenes and looks sad, Payal calls for him but he leaves, she sits downand cries, NK is watching all this from above. ASR wants iws talk but Anjali wants to be alone.

Useful quotes and messages thanks for sharing. January 1, at 2: Shyam is shocked hearing this. Manorama shocked, so is whole family I was noticing from many days that your blog is helping too many readers as your articles are easy to understand and helpful to us.

Mami asks that if she is so concerned about the family then whathappened to this concern in the morning, Khushi looks confusedMami states how Khushi told Shyam to divorce Anjali and to do it now.

She recalls how ASR supported her. I think I need it!

Shyam turns to Anjali and tries to explainthat they naa, lying and crossing limits, Anajli puts her hand up to stopthem talking wrotten turns to NK and Khushi to stop their rubbish, Writtenn triesto explain and states that she has heard enough. If i get really smart then you will spend rest of your life inJAIL Shyam continues how many more lies will she speak. NK states he has proof and talks about the pendrive and his pendant, NKgoes to get is and shows his pendant and Khushi clocks on and figuresabout that Shyam must have swapped the pendants already that’s why he isso confident.


ASR is saddened and leaves. I tried to keep queit for the sake of family. What are you saying Khushiji?

Happy happy new year. The kidnapper is in this room No photos were taken as Babuji was sick. Anjali shocked so is whole family I didn’t want to bring this truth out Khushi also reveals blood group incident He goes to leave but she holds his hands and stopshim, he sits on the bed and wipes the tears from her eyes and holds herface lovingly.

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Nwam know, to get marriedto RICH family Khushi and Payal have an emotional hug she states she cant see ASR andAnjali like thisASR goes to his room and sits on the bed, thinking that he hurt Anjaliso much especially when he never episoxe this, but he needed to do thisand bring the truth out. It is a really nice and awesome post Christmas Wishes Quotes happy new year messages propose day quotes rose day chocolate day images hug day sms kiss day happy teddy day Shyam starts buttering and badmouth Khushi, Anajli is on the verge of abreakdown.

Arnav looks lost and is whole family puzzled Payal states that Khushi is not lying. Akash asks what truth. Its all Shyam’s trap. She washinting Khushi-Shyam relationship HE catches his collar and drags him out Ok, after Khushi you are talking rubbish Anjali seems like in a trance, ASR saying she mustbelieve him and couldn’t lie anymore, he needed to think about her baby,every rakshabandan he promised to protect her and now was the time, hehad no choice but wtitten kick Shyam out and he apologises, he cries onAnajli’s lap.


When are Arnav and Khushi coming to the UK?? Even before the blossom of modernization in Indian culture, kurta, sarees, and salwar kameez had been part of India’s unique civilization.

Khushi exposes Shyam

These two isss made upthis story just now thats why they didn’t tell this story to anyonebefore. The most beautiful woman at the venue.

An adorable personality partnered with a perfect choice for Designer Dress unbeatable. Shyam had been living as paying guest in Buaji house and how hemistreated and played with Khushi’s feeling Thanks for giving me the useful information. Shyam says you have no proof to prove yourinnocence.

Have a best and happy new year. So why were you queit till now Join or Log Into Facebook. Khushi wants Anjali tobelive but Anajli is not willing to believe. Ann Jarvis had been a peace lobbyist who directed to harmed contenders on both sides of the American Civil War, and filled Mother’s Heart with joy Work Clubs to address general restorative issues.

That will be valuable to everyone who uses it, including myself. Everyone leaves and Khushi looks at ASR, he gives a small reassuring nodand she leaves.

In India Kurtis is are the most obvious choice for the brides. Shyam asks whether he saw Shyam at any point during the kidnapping, heasks ASR whether he saw Shaym during the kidnapping, ASR remains quiet,he states that Khushi is lying.