Interestingly, Buaji asks Shyam about his family. She tells Khushi that as per the terms, she has to pay them if she breaches the contract. Nani is irritated with Manorama. Arnav’s family is surprised to see him calm. Lavanya buys the dresses suggested by Khushi. Khushi decides to commit suicide, donating everything she owns to her family. Later, Arnav accuses Khushi of trying to impress his family for property.

Arnav is happy on seeing Khushi wearing the bangles that he had bought. Arnav and Khushi are stunned to see each other in the office. Arnav and Khushi are locked in their honeymoon suite without phones or electricity. Later, Shyam is shocked on learning that Anjali is alive. Later, Shyam is worried about Arnav revealing the truth to Anjali. While Shashi exposes Shyam, Khushi convinces Arnav not to leave her. Shyam attempts to get Kushi drunk in order to know the details of her sudden marriage. What will he do?

Will the scorpion sting Anjali? Arnav buys a family home. Payal is worried about this, too. Later, Khushi cures Arnav with her herbal tonics. Payal asks Shyam to give Khushi a job, so that they can help Buaji financially.

Manorama agrees to the marriage, but with a condition. While Shashi exposes Shyam, Khushi convinces Arnav not to leave her. She then decides to look for Laxmi. Nani declares that the winner will get a forty-year-old Natraj idol as kga award. I am very impressed with you. Will Arnav be able to retrieve them?


However, Anjali’s decision to meet Khushi shocks Arnav and Shyam. Will Anjali find out the truth? Later, Kushi storms out of Odon office. Arnav avoids her in office. Meanwhile, Nani is unhappy to see Lavanya come home.

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Lavanya scolds Khushi for not taking her work seriously. Khushi reaches the guest house while Mr. Khushi feels guilty about accusing him.

But Manorama threatens to cancel the order. Khushi and Arnav vow to defeat each other. Payal tends to Manorama’s inflamed face as she has an allergic reaction witj the Holi powder. Akash apologises to Payal for hiding the truth about her broken wedding from Manorama. Arnav is furious to see Khushi in the parking lot and they end up arguing with each other.

Akash tells Anjali about his feelings for Payal. Arnav gets angry on seeing Nand Kishore calling up Khushi to chat with her. After consuming the doctored juice, Madhumati gets dizzy and forgets the dance steps on the stage.

She obliges wifh also tells him about her engagement.

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Meanwhile, Manorama torments Payal, but Akash supports her. He faints by the time she starts cooking for him.

She demands to know why he had married her. Anjali questions Arnav about his relationship with Lavanya. Later, Lavanya informs everyone that Arnav will not go to the office for some days.


Shyam is happy as Anjali fails to find the necklace, but Nani stops Manorama from searching Khushi. Khushi waits for Arnav before having dinner, but she eats everything leaving Arnav hungry and starving.

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Arnav, then, assumes that Anjali skips her lunch because she is sad about the Sangeeth being cancelled. Shyam hides a poisonous scorpion in a sweet box in a move to kill Anjali. Later, Khushi forgets her script for the play and panics.

Payal and Khushi are elated as they finish preparing the sweets for the party. Anjali asks Khushi about their fight.

Garcinia Cambogia Herbs is well known as HCA that is clinically proven for its effectiveness in weight management. Shyam tells her that Anjali is ill-treating him. Arnav is clueless about the incident and the culprit, but soon realises it is Khushi and swears to take revenge. Arnav refuses to answer any questions and locks himself wit his room.