Season 3 Episode 2: Retrieved 25 February Reynholm vs Reynholm Season 4 Episode 6: The Speech Season 3 Episode 4: The Red Door Season 1 Episode 4: Moss has some quirky habits: Moss becomes a celebrity by beating all records on a popular puzzle show Maurice Moss Katherine Parkinson

Roy tries to hookup with a girl on the seventh floor by shooting a sexy calendar as a fund raiser for her brother’s disability. Jen Barber Matt Berry In the documentary “The IT Crowd Manual”, Linehan said that Moss was an amalgam of various stereotypes with some uniqueness brought together by him and Richard, and described him as a really nerdy guy and a geek. Season 3 of The IT Crowd continues to do what it has always done and impressively has not dipped in quality at any point. So, a change of plan finds Roy pushed into taking pics of the girl’s wrinkly grandmothers, before Jen refocuses the calendar again once it becomes clear she’ll be fired by Douglas if it doesn’t make money and opts for a “geek chic” theme. Audible Download Audio Books.

Something Happened Season 4 Episode 3: The cast continue to do the same jobs in most regards, which is a mixed blessing. Calendar Geeks 26 Dec The Work Outing Season 2 Episode 1: Richmond is a mild-mannered, posh-accented goth who resides in the IT department server room. Calendar Geeks Season 3 Episode 6: Use the HTML below.

Unfortunately, Jen didn’t go for his preferred theme, the girls of the seventh floor, and he had to find a less appealing alternative. The slack pace, cruel elements and paucity of belly-laughs was “Calendar Geeks” undoing, with only the geeky photoshoot providing a few guilty giggles.


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No content appearing on this site may be reproduced, reposted, or reused without written permission. Or have Moss seriously reconsider his ambitions? Jen becomes the relationship manager of the IT department, having been assigned by Denholm at the start of the series because she had impressed the latter by listing computers on her curriculum vitae. Start your free trial.

In a sad twist, he enlists Moss to save the day. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I basically just have happen to him all the things that I’d love to happen to them, and it’s basically a really enjoyable process.

Season 3 Episode 6. I still say this third season has been IT Crowd’s best, but the latter-half definitely dropped the ball.

Roy and Moss become juvenile delinquents for the day and have bossegedness uncomfortable experience at a shopping centre. He finds himself in court – defending himself – with the help of Jen, Roy and Moss and others.

Calendar Geeks

Jen and her department of IT “professionals” continue their unrewarded and unrewarding careers deep in the basement of Denholm Enterprises. Moss becomes a celebrity by beating all records on a popular puzzle show Berry has grown on me as well, I still miss Morris but Berry’s swaggering idiot bosseyednees colour whenever he pops up. Maurice Moss Katherine Parkinson For example, Roy once spent a date with what looked like poo on his forehead, and Moss would rather send an email about a fire in the crwod than bother someone with a call.


The IT Crowd takes the focus off those devil machines and instead uses them as a springboard to poke fun at serious things like homelessness and physical disabilities.

Retrieved 14 December In an interview with The IndependentParkinson said that Linehan originally wanted Jen to be “likeable” but “I know what he wanted now — he wanted her to be the more normal person people could relate to.

Retrieved from ” https: The last episode of this latest run has writer-director Graham Linehan poking fun at nude charity calendars riffing on the infamous Women’s Institute charity publication, that inspired the movie Calendar Girls.

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They say that it’s no way that thats possible but they reconsider the possibility. Retrieved 8 December The Internet is Coming! He switches through glasses of various sizes in reaction when he and Roy scheme; when his ears get hot, he sprays them with a bottle; [a] [9] he uses inhalers ; [k] he can detect chemicals such as rohypnol by smell. I don’t think that Kimberly would like it.

Moss put a picture of his head on his cup, but it gets lost. At the Comedy.