Btw Andou in the manga looks a lot older. Yeah now I know but it’s Himea who paid the price anyway. Once again Hinata tries to escape with that orb but this is where my second favorite with Gekkou comes as follows, now that was kick ass! She is the heroine. So Gekkou pawns man! Himea was later captured by some army, then later sold to “the church” and imprisoned in a specially prepared dimension as you saw in the first ep. Did I miss something?

FukuJun voicing Taito would’ve been bad. I actually find the animation to be surprisingly good and pretty except for the bats and circles. Taito doing his serious speech here made me want to punch him somewhat. And i bet that next week we will get the jealous male classmates part and shocked childhood friend thing. With respect to Himea, you really have to understand her past in order to sympathize with her character. Lol at Mirai carrying on conversation with Taito’s head. This is lacking in fan service?

If my calculation was right, Himea waited for Taito for about times since she’s waiting for each 5 minutes in the whole 9 years.

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Great episode it makes me really want to see the next episode. Haruka looks like Hideyoshi. You really have to understand that I don’t like vampires at all and only try to tolerate them among other characters in any series like Dance in the Vampire Bund. Well I do admit that Hinata finger pointing and up close appearance wise has his charms but I still hate him!


Is it time for my long-awaited return to the forums?

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Besides that that person looks like Gekkou less there is a third party member involved. It might not be so bad seeing as most of the beginning is more about the characters’ background. And the art ain’t half-bad either. Watch it first, it will be worth it! She just sat there, looking at how Taito got beaten up. Man this series is going to be hell factions fighting between themselves because I know what Himea is and I know the circumstances of Gekkou.

I enjoyed the second episode even more than the first! Did she do something? As for the episode, I very much disapprove of this amount of fanservice.

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Not only that but he already pawned Himea here and even erased Taito’s memories here. Really doing my laundry is more entertaining then this.

BBCode Miracles and magic do exist. Plus he is good looking and has a rather MOE demon with him.

BBCode Modified by godspeedspike, Jul 25, 5: Maybe Himea gave up some of her own immortality to give him a “1-up”. Although I do sympathize with Taito that despite being great in Martial Arts, he got his leg broken. In my next episkde I want to collide at the corner with the cute transfer student carrying a piece of toast in her mouth Love Himea and Haruka’s hair color tones.


And speaking of which, it’s funny how the multi-pantyshot when Snime makes his entrance is censored, while all the single-person pantyshots are not.

You cannot possibly be this strong Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. This sure was a great episode, nice development already in the second episode and the first villain seems to be defeated!

Mediocre is a good word for it. A little too much fanservice, but i can deal with it.

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One who would sacrifice what he did in the way that he did deserves to burn. Very nice comment add. I think she is a great ray of light for Taito. FukuJun voicing Taito would’ve been bad. I see, you have a point with Himea’s emotional state but that is actually lame considering she it episoxe be a super magic user of immense power.