The moral choices are all very shallow and need to really be bent when they are considered “good”. You become 1 of only 3 Barsen’thors in the history of the Jedi.. The whole story is predictable betrayal after betrayal. Talk about fricking failing upwards. I thought the story was great. It is just a warning that you are about to leave this website. The parting shot of you and your companions on the Mantis bridge was a golden moment. By the time I reached 27, I killed pretty much anyone and everyone that stood in my way, including those I was sent to save.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device. Sith Warrior In general the writing in this game was outrageous fun. That’s all well and good K0ng, but it basically boils down to some plague, basically turning all ‘incredible’ jedi’s minds. So perhaps its some nostalgia that is making it interesting. Which class was super hyped, and became a let down for you?

Well, probably because it is a straight-shot, middle of the road, nothing terrible but nothing blow your mind away amazing story. Brendan September 9, at 3: I played Sith Warrior and had a blast throwing families against the wall. For me, it’s the Jedi Knight. The companions are endearing and you should find at least a few that you enjoy the conversations with probably not Skadge. Most fun to play, best companions, etc. Leveled a sniper to 50, and a jugg to 40, and currently working on getting my inquisitor off of Korriban, lol.

My order is… 8.

Most overrated class in your opinion?

You are commenting using your WordPress. I am on an assassin right now and its even harder, by far the consilar I have done so far.

Originally Posted by hk I loved all the companions and the way I got them.

Though I do have to admit that immediately after dinging, I did run off to the station to train instead of continuing to work on saving my padawan from mortal peril. Throwing in a rather harsh opinion: Jedi Consular plot Spoiler prologue – lean space buddhism, and space aids. JohnR October 5, at 5: I will say that the romance storyline that you can do with the female companion if you are male is rushed and awkward.


And even act 1, which most of the complaints I’ve seen seem to be about made for an interesting story if, admittedly, somewhat repetitive, though most classes were pretty repetitive in act 1. I figured Syo as the guy a little early, but no issue with that. It was boring, formulaic and improbably. If the actions you took would have radical different impressions on what rise to power your character had?

My BH is also light side, except for shooting that dude on Alderaan, because fuck those guys. They seemed to fit together incredibly well, and when I read his letter after being stuck on carbonite, while not as touching as, let’s say, Torian’s, it meant to much to me because even saying anything was such an incredible change from the guy that could barely admit to finding me attractive.

Now, I agree, Consular is a hard class storylinr take through Knights because they get no one back. I mean, essentially eden prime gets microwaved!

Is the Consular storyline as boring as I’ve heard? Both stories are ok. It could be that I had very high expectations going in to the Jedi Knight story that were not met.

Going Commando | A SWTOR Fan Blog: Jedi Consular Story Thoughts

I would also add that unlike many others, I actually liked jfdi prelude with your first Jedi superior, Master Yuon, but she seemed to quietly drop out of the story after Coruscant, never to be heard borig again.

I finally completed the IA storyline and maybe it was a glitch or something but it kept thinking I killed people that I let live or that I did something evil when I was completely light side.


The answer is here! And does the president of Balmorra really have nothing else borin do than have a holographic transmission of himself follow me around everywhere? I just like the flavor.

These just happen to you regardless. While you do get to swing your lightsaber aplenty, the core of most missions pretty much comes down to talking. In the run up to the finish, fun characters and a cool experience.

I do think you get the option to just kill people if consuoar going dark side, but even then it’s a matter of getting rid of the sick before their illness can spread and harm others. Originally Posted by Venant.

The Land of Odd

There are a couple that I would personally rank slightly differently: I suppose saying that Act I was a bit repetitive in its structure would be a valid criticism, but from what I’ve seen so far all the class stories seem to have a bit of that going on in their first Act.

It’s all a matter of personal taste, but i loved it. AgentReborn AgentReborn 6 years ago 6 Chapter 1 is kinda boring, but so far its my favorite Republic story. As with most of the consular story, it appeals to a certain kind of crowd.

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