Jyan is able to keep his ground with Xia Fu revealing that an evil Ki is within Gou’s body that evokes the change. Hold on to Your Dreams Joe [5] Thumbelina: Episodes mainly focusing on the good guys are kid orientated outing which is fun for kids. Television series about time travel Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Fiction about spirit possession Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Kamen Rider characters Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Kaeranai Kodomotachi ” Japanese: But the mononoke’s playful and perverted moves overwhelmed the Gekirangers. But in spite of these facts, the trio made their way to Rio, whom Xia Fu asked why he wants to be stronger. Pages using infobox media franchise with unknow

Shopping [ edit ]. He was a part of Mausu Promotion formerly known as Ezaki Production, until its change of name from until March , when he moved to Gerbera Peerless. But Rageku arrives during their fight and uses her Ringi on the seven to send them all back in time as Maku ordered. He’s so strong that even his masters can’t compete or overthrow him. Sukeban Kyaputen ” Japanese: They all visit the SCRTC Meisters workshop, home to Ken’s family, but his father is angry at him for leaving the country during training. Now with the three True Poison fangs, Rio is a step closer to his goal: Manga articles needing translation from Japanes

Production began on September 29, with principal photography beginning on October 6, The boy does manage to escape, but so does Tsuneki, who fires an arrow into the air to begin his plan. Learn more More Like This. Using it, Gou becomes Geki Violet to defeat Mere.

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Jyan is left standing as he staggers towards Rio who uses the Brave-Roar Wave Ringi on Jyan that burns the remnants of his Gekiranger suit off. Member feedback about Power Rangers: This turns out to be the Raspberry Diamond, which costs 20 billion yen and attracts the attention of the Blossom-Storm Sisters, a trio of jewel thieves who seek to take the diamond for its beauty.


This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Seirei no Mai ” Japanese: The Body is Strong [ edit ]. However, once back, they find the Beast Origin Village in flames.

Edith Nesbit’s famous children’s novel, The Phoenix and the Carpet is based on this legendary creature and its friendship with a family of children. Member feedback about Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters: The Gekirangers intervene, but are overwhelmed by Moriya’s unpredictable tactics and fighting style, forcing them to retreat. Without his children army, Haku is defeated by Super Geki Red.

senntai The Children Don’t Return [ edit ]. Rio watches while the poison courses through him, until he overpowers Rageku’s Ringi and save Mere from sacrificing herself to kill Xia Fu. Special Sengai Dekaranger Earth branch located in the city of Megalopolis. Juuken Sentai Juen Episode 12 0. Rio to Taiketsu ” Japanese: After comforting Mere in her final moments, promising to follow her within minutes, Rio infuses the Gekirangers with the Rinki of the entire Akugata, promising Jyan a rematch, jukem entering Long’s body to destroy him from the inside, killing himself in the process.

Jyan tries to befriend Shinichi with Ken, trying to show him the sejtai of “Muni-Muni” teamworkbut it ends badly as they are trapped in Tsuneki’s Secret Ringi Fox Dimension Great Bomb, which would explode from amassing the energy of those who suffer within it. User Reviews Reasons why America just ain’t got it 9 December by grandascent — See all my reviews.

As the gang pursue to free Xia Fu, Mere attempts to hold a furious Rio back. Ken returns to the group with the SoZyuTo in hand, but Xia Fu scolds him for having sold it in the first place but forgives him for helping Hanyun. This turns out true when Retu’s reflection comes to life and drags Retu into the mirror world so he can take the original’s place, with Retu becoming the reflection.


By having him attack the Gekirangers.

Rio reluctantly accept defeat and soon was in a cell while Maku ponders a suitable punishment. The Gekirangers’ mourning for Rio is cut short as Long regenerates and mocks Rio’s sacrifice, saying that he can never die. Triangle Opposition Match [ edit ] 20 “Gicho-Gicho!

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But at the last second, the Twin Phantoms tag each other using Sojo’s illusion to evade their opponents’ respective deathblows. Just My Shigeki” Transcription: But the two can find their Pulse, so Ran has to care for them as their mother until then.

Back in Tokyo, after making their peace, the Gekirangers see the sebtai, who reverts to human form. However, Bae dies and everyone is saddened until Mere arrives, her Rinki revitalizing him as they leave. Ore no Michi ” Japanese: After years of searching, Ran’s mother found an ideal husband for her daughter.

But the Gekirangers managed to master the Kaleido Spiral Jump in time to get the cure, with Rio calling gekiranver the attack for now. The newly recruited Banban Akaza arrives on Earth where he is transferred to the S. It seems that everyone has an ulterior motive and the alliances that are formed can be very easily broken. The five space Pirates come to earth looking for the geikranger powers of the 34 super Squadron. Just My Shigeki [ edit ] 25 “Hine-Hine!