Le Jeu de la Guerre. The True Nature Of the Graal La Vraie Nature du Graal In the midst of a dispute over whether an improved road is actually an improvement, Arthur makes a stirring speech which recalls the knights of the Round Table to their quest Aux Yeux de Tous. Le Rassemblement du Corbeau Calogrenant’s Skirt La Jupe de Calogrenant Calogrenant fell into a puddle on his way from Caledonia and the lower part of his armor is unwearable. These are the episodes of the French TV series Kaamelott.

Kaamelott is under attack and Bohort has made an unacceptable deal with the enemy. Arthur and the Question Arthur et la question The question is torture. Aux yeux de tous II The Intriguer La Conspiratrice V. Loth et le Graal. Alone in the Dark.

Clique ici pour voter. La Faute 1ere partie. La Table de Breccan. La Vie est Belle Bread Le Pain When the region’s bread is criticized, Guethenoc is asked to bring samples for testing by Karadoc. The Intriguer La Conspiratrice V.

La Grotte de Padraig.

The two-part numbers in parentheses, as above, indicate cde broadcast order of the 7-minute episodes with these titles.

Le Code de Chevalerie. La Grande Bataille S04E21 La Parade Perceval et le contre-sirop At first reluctant, the King seems to enjoy it very much, to the despair of his fencing master.


Merlin made Uther Pendragon look like her husband Duke Gorlois, so she agreed to sleep with him. Le Sort Perdu Cryda de Tintagel Flags Les Drapeaux II. Arthur et la Question Tearful Lacrimosa — same title as I.

However, Merlin heals the wound. Les clous de la Sainte-Croix. La Roche et le Fer. Perceval is not sure whether he has ever been eclaireyr made a knight. Day of Wrath Dies Irae epissode same title as the original pilot.

The order of the episodes on the Complete DVD edition differs from the broadcast order, and may be assumed to be the director’s preferred order. Rivals Les Rivales V. Curiosity part 1 Les Curieux 1re partie IV.

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La Morsure du Dace The Guide Le Guide V. Patience in the Plain Patience dans la plaine Waiting for the enemy on the battlefield. The taverner thinks the tax on drink proves King Arthur is a bad ruler. Dagonet et le Cadastre. Teaser YouTube Nouveau quartier!

Episode 2 La roche et le fer. Les Plaques de Dissimulation Desperate to get an heir, Seli gets a fertility potion from Merlin. Je retourne chez les loups! Double Dragon Double Dragon — video game, movie, etc.


Episode List

Le Rassemblement du Corbeau II She becomes quite unpleasant. Le Tourment III Perceval Relance de Quinze. Arthur denies it publicly but in conversation with Madenn is thrilled and gives the child a gift of a knife. Arthur In Love S01E16 Le Banquet des Chefs Le Jeu de la Guerre.

A la Volette He asks Merlin if it’s a bad sign. It turns out to be inappropriate for modern needs, and they go back to using the Old Celtic version.

They discuss social and moral issues, especially homosexuality. Le Banquet oaamelott Chefs La Queue du Scorpion Ambidextrous Ambidextrie Perceval, when being briefed on a battle plan, insists that not only left and right but the compass points are relative. Double Dragon disambiguation IV. Tous les matins du monde – Partie I.