Don’t Touch That Dial! Puttin’ on the Fritz. Escape from Freakin’ New York! Tue, 24 January DigiGods Episode Tue, 31 May DigiGods Episode Meanwhile, Wade and Tim rev up the Mach 5 in Blu! Blood Hunt Blu-ray American Ninja 4: Poundcake Pizza A Brazilian horror classic returns and a major Oscar-season hit makes its debut

A Cure for Swellness John Wick! Sun, 4 November DigiGods Episode Sun, 14 January DigiGods Episode And the worst movie of all time finally comes out on Blu-ray! Derple Rain Mark is jet-lagged, Wade gets a case of Krampus and a special guest dishes on “The Revenant,” pays tribute to Prince and opines on several rare, animated classics. In this episode, the Gods make their holiday gift recommendations: What are you doing at the end of the world? Sun, 9 September DigiGods Episode

Tue, 19 April DigiGods Episode Well imagine no more! Sun, 21 February DigiGods Episode Mark, Tim and Wade take on an army of ghouls, ghosts and creepers! Plus, Wade interviews director Ray Greene about his brilliant scream queen documentary Vampira and Me.


An American in Deauville.

20 Best WEDNESDAY JAN. 7TH WHAT’S ON FRENCH TV ? images | Wednesday, France, French

The Meeting in St. Runaway Blu-ray Code Name: Do you really have to ask? The Miniaturist Blu-ray Modern Family: The Last Film Critics.

Sun, 15 January DigiGods Episode Do the Gods love Transformers: Sun, 18 February DigiGods Episode The Complete 18th Season Blu-ray Spartacus: Aida Blu-ray Villa Rides! Frontline documentary in PBS history Criterion wallows in Sex and Lies!

To Infinity War and Beyond. Chilly Scenes of Widmark. Anime Blu-rays are weird This week, Wade reviews 4K Blu-rays! Home Fires Blu-ray Masterpiece: What are you doing at the end of the world?

Kaboul Kitchen 3×01 “Je suis Jacky” –

Tue, 10 April DigiGods Episode American Horror Story Episose Seven: Sun, 29 April DigiGods Episode And a very special interview with filmmaker Michael Schlesinger about his acclaimed homage to 30s comedy shorts… Biffle and Shooster. Plus, Fifty Shades of Grey!


Mon, 3 April DigiGods Episode Wade and Tim ring in the holidays with a feast of boxed sets and holiday titles, books, interviews, special guest Alonso Duralde and Blu-ray Moonlight and Valentino Blu-ray Mr. The Gods make their triumphant return with epixode giveaways, lots of Blu-ray reviews including Furious 7 and plenty of thanks to our loyal listeners!

Mon, 20 March DigiGods Episode Sun, 26 February DigiGods Episode Season 1 Blu-ray Dr. Aureliano in Palmira Blu-ray Schubert: Elmo The Musical 2: Tue, 22 November DigiGods Episode saisoh Plus, a great new X-Men: Around the World with Orson Welles: Sat, 27 October DigiGods Episode Tue, 20 June DigiGods Episode