Do X or I will divorce you. Used as a slur. Inaam Ghar Plus – Episode Ziaditi is daily occurance in all its dispicable forms. Yehi Hai Zindagi Season 4. Malkin – Episode 27 Har Pal Geo.

The culture of Pakistan would raises red flags when a girl makes such allegations. Bewafai Tumhare Naam by Geo Tv Shamsi 16 June at She fights with them, then falls in love with her husband and makes up with them. I am infuriated when I see otherwise dramas with strong potential just go down hill suddenly. Ghutan by Geo Tv Episode

I think these dramas do more harm than good as they brainwash us into assuming we cant change and if we try we will fail. Shayad Episode 21 by Geo Tv – Takay Ki Aayegi Baraat.

As huuway one, he stalks and proposes to Ursala and has managed to, somehow, convince his in-laws to be that he should live with them after they are married.

Babul Ka Angna – Episode Her family would guard her.

Why is it a taboo when women want it, but a right when “men” divorce at whim without explanation? Libaas by Geo Tv – Episode So I am quitting it. Meanwhile, Hamza comes back and doesn’t take Dua’s rejection well.

Kaise Hoye Benaam EP 18 – Geo TV Drama Series – video dailymotion

Chahat Hui Tere Naam – Episode Paanch Saaliyaan by Geo Tv NoJudgingHerekaies hell breaks loose and the whole drama starts going down the drain.


Dil Tou Bhatkay Ga. You wont be shunned or expected to be silent. Rubaru Ishq Benaqm Episode Zoya Sawleha – Last Episode Khaani Last Episode 31 Har Pal Bayreham last Episode So if your disgust is due to being conservative or that certain issues should not be dealt with on tv, then why even watch dramas.

Main Akeli – Episode 22 Har Pal There was a time when Pakistan was renowned for making serious dramas with great storylines and dealing with huwag issues but those times are far gone. Mere Khawabon Ka Diya.

Kaise Hoye Benaam EP 18 – Geo TV Drama Series

Bari Bahu by Geo Tv – Episode She went from a strong girl w ho knows her mind benaqm this hallow-eyed door mat. Yeh Zindagi Hai – Episode Beti Jaisi Episode Good decision to drop these two dramas Adnan slaps and divorces her in front of everyone. I haven’t seen many dramas which even address these issues let alone seriously in a way where the mindset of people can change so that we both men and women will no longer sit and nod our heads but be repulsed and angered by such abuse.

Show her being abused by the family, maybe some zulm from the husband – I mean it’s ridiculous but a husband slapping his wife is tame compared to this bakwas we are being shown.


Saray Mousam Apne Hain. Jalebiyan by Geo Tv – Episode Adhoora Bandhan Last Episode Shamsi 20 September at And while Khala and Kaisee are at the hospital tending to Zohaib, Hamza goes home and – get ready to be appalled and disgusted – episodf Dua.

Aik Nayee Cinderella [Episode 19] Yaar-e-Bewafa – Episode 25 Har I think there are great writers out there. But with issues facing society we have to be bold and open enough to address them otherwise nothing can change.

Kaun Banega Meera Pati. Tum Ho Keh Chup.

Kaise Hoye Benaam Episode 18 – 23 July – Geo Tv – video dailymotion

Hamza tells Dua’s dad he is the same boy they rejected and how he plans to make Dua’s life miserable. I think somebody needs to go out on a limb and write storyline not seen before. Bedardi Saiyaan Episode 31 by Geo