Dhruv and Manik try to bond. Rishabh and Manik avoid her. On Nov 4, Manik and nandini are too cute I just love them and nandini ke liye dhruv serf ek acha dost nothing else. Manik and Nandini contemplate what to do next. Alya sets Nandini up by having two goons force themselves on her. Dhruv tells Manik that he’s trying to be friends again with Nandini.

This incident draws media attention towards the college. Manik and nandini are too cute I just love them and nandini ke liye dhruv serf ek acha dost nothing else. Kabir takes a gullible Shahid for a ride and posts his naked images online. That would mean ending her friendship with Nandini. Harshad compels the FAB5 to leave the practice room. Manik breaks up with Alya. Harshad messes up with FAB5 and tries breaking them apart.

He makes her drink a disgusting mocktail. Add Image S1, Ep7. Muktii explains that she quitted and they yaariyann again. Nandini refuses to follow his order. He performs for FAB5 through his phone.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Epieodes plz be with nandu forever. Nandini calls for Manik’s help when she is unable to handle Dhruv’s strange attacks.


Manik arrives at Nandini’s house.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan S01

Ranjitha 5th Nov – The two bands are engaged in the treasure hunt. Nandini is suspicious about Rishabh and Manik’s behaviour towards her. Navya, Harshad and Alya find them. The band members start looking for Nandini episoees Manik.

Manik and Nandini come closer to each other every oaisi day. Harshad is watching the video he made of Cabir and Raghav and says that the Fab5 has no idea to what he is about to do next.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2: Episode 69

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 2. The FAB5 wants Navya to disclose who saved her to be able to join them.

Nandini tries to find out the mystery behind the star’s drawing. Nandini tells Harshad they should stop following FAB5. Cabir says that it was a misunderstanding and we should focus on musicana. Harshad tries to defend himself in front of his band. She suggests Manik they should help Rishabh and Dhruv. Navya is thinking of ways to advance her relation with Harshad.


Manik even if you want to fake your love you cant so plzzz dont hurt her kzisi hurt yourself and fierflies also agreed with you not with dhruv. Manik regrets having mistreated Nandini.

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Welcome, Login to your account. Nandini and Manik are locked in the store room. But he also ends up losing trust on one of his own band member. Everyone is worried about Mukti’s threat. Nandini and Navya intervene and save Shahid’s life. Nandini saves Navya which enrages the FAB5 even more. Yaagiyan Image S1, Ep5. She turns around and hits Manik and the jar falls but Manik once again catches it. Navya episodws a crush on Harshad.