Fort Boyard has aired on many networks around the world. The two umbrellas are themselves held by cables. In some of the French Seasons 14—16, — and Russian versions — , the contestants stay overnight in the Fortress. Another member of the team stands with an axe, while the rest of the team turns a wheel which takes the strain of the bungee. Then, using this tool, she must bang the white latches on the ceiling boxes to open them. The clue is hanging so that the swing must be horizontal in order for the contestant to grab it. In the French version, [25] and in the Russian version of the show, contestants were “locked” in the treasure room. The grains are in bags located on the other side of the room near the entrance.

His or her team will help to achieve this, by holding the ladder down which starts at 2 metres 50 off the ground , which is too flexible and mobile to climb alone. In , a new version came out, replacing the old one. If he or she successfully gets it to the end of the wire, the key is released. The rope drops, he descends the stairs and enters into the sea where there are three baskets. A similar game called Drawers was present on the fort between and In the UK version the game lasted for 40 minutes, in the French version 60 to minutes, depending on the year. Two teams play in the Fort at the same time, with only one of them winning at the end.

In the recent seasons setie the French version onwardsif a team is short of keys, then team members could be ‘sacrificed’ by facing “Judgment” Le Jugementhosted by the character Blanche.

One test where the contestant faces the ‘Strong Man’. A two player version was also kadimmi inbut removed in when the original game returned in the same cell It starts from the balcony of the cell and progresses on the strap holding two umbrellas for balance. With the shovel, the contestant must take the grain to go pour into the machine whilst the floor below the seire is spinning violently to make the game more difficult. Retrieved 24 August The player then has to swim out via an underwater corridor.

The key is attached to a string inside a narrow chamber.

Driss Roukhe Directs Two Series for Ramadan Entertainment

He or she exits the first two chambers underwater, and then climbs aerie ladder and crawls along a low corridor, on the floor of which is a word written in sand. The rest of the team pulls on a heavy rope, which moves the swing back and forth. But if the cage is not brought to the top before the end of srie hourglass, the contestant can not exit and will remain a prisoner inside the mousetrap.


The year contains the most episodes filmed of any year for eleven countries, including France.

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The episodes series will be broadcasted during Ramadan on 2M. The contestant has to do a bungee jump off the side of the Fort. The lack of an English version made this game highly obscure: Then the contestant must climb out of the window into a cage on the side of the Fort, and reach out for the key.

In the and series of the Finnish version, team members were celebrities. The contestant has to carry a heavy machine that vibrates violently along the wire without touching it, just like in the classic game. If the contestant drops the ball, it will return to the starting point and will have to start again. Observations of Coffee Culture in Morocco. After at least five round trips, depending on the amount of grain brought into the machine.

After several trips, the key is released from its axis and the contestant can finally collect the key and exit the cell.

This test is probably one of the games that has generated the most prisoners, due to its extreme difficulty. The two umbrellas are themselves kdimi by cables. However, for unknown reasons, the filming did not take place. The contestant must then use boxes also pushed under the holes to reach the key.

A contestant is harnessed to the inner walls of the fort.

The player must go through a series of chambers, which are in complete darkness, and follow a string and the other players’ directions with the use of a map to reach the end. In the UK’s 4th kamql, La Boule would give the contestant a large bunch of rusty keys. Most of these games are listed by their Ultimate Challenge names.

Previously, three objects were needed in the baskets to win the key; this was later changed due to its difficulty and to make the game easier. Contestants must have the barrel and insert it into the wall. The cell is occupied by the authority allowing operation of high-tech tests Interactive Cell, Visual Enigma etc. There are three small keys in total, each key opens a padlock.

Team members located at the cell window or the terrace throw down small blocks, which the climber uses to move up the pole to reach the top. The contestant moves along through a series of small chambers, with only the head exposed. In this test, a slot machine saves tokens that can release the key enclosed in a balance.

This tube leads into another, so that the key is pushed upwards by the water.


This game is suspended from the bridge of the Human Catapult game see below. There were also interviews with various characters of the Fort with the humour provided by the fact that Tim cannot speak French and the characters cannot speak English. This time, One contestant sits on a board facing up and one contestant is next to a buoy containing a locked wallet with the code.

On 1 JulyChallenge announced on social media that they had re-acquired all the Channel 5 years of the show previously repeated by the channel from to and would begin airing series 1—2 in August that year, with series 3 and 4 following in The player has to climb along these to the next window, grab the key, and shuffle back again. In the Fort’s cell is a cargo net in a box shape.

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In total, 57 episodes were shown in the original Channel 5 series; including four celebrity specials and a special edition with contestants from the first UK series of The Mole. A wall stands the length of the cell. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Fort Boyard game show. Main changes included new opening titles, graphics and a serle of progress which Demi Passe Muraille was in control of which lined the wall of the Fort the wall above the Treasure Room.

Then, using the key, the contestant must unlock a box and retrieve a code before the gymnast destroys it. To make it even more difficult to get the clue word, a time limit 3 minutes usually; occasionally between 2: If the contestant manages to put enough grain in the machine, a green light will start flashing. Induring the French version, the game was replaced by Stretcher.

The contestant has to jog on the treadmill, lift down the buckets and pour the water into a tube. When the player enters the room, the door is automatically locked. The contestant has to crawl down, locate the key amongst the rats, turn around and then climb back up the tube. Takes On The World was a ten-part documentary which introduced British viewers to various different versions of the show from around the world.

Rabat — The typically light evening entertainment of Ramadan TV series will feature this year sedie series directed by famous Moroccan director and actor Driss Roukhe.